posted on: 5/25/2011 4:50:00 PM EST
Ad Words update
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Well, well miracles do happen...
Hi all, Here is the update and follow up to the Ad words saga.

After 7 or 8 emails to ad words support staff, I never got a resolution....My accusation was never taken seriously or was misunderstood by the receiving staff person at support.
And how strange that after each email that I sent I'd receive a reply 10 minutes later asking for the exact thing that I had previously had sent. It like I was typing in a time

Each email I received in reply suggested that the problem could be fixed by me adding more money to the click rate to get a higher bid place on the page. Even if I had a million dollars in my ad budget, I still don't think I wanted to get into a bidding war with a Large company over key words....
I suggested that they find out how someone was able to copy my ad word for word and replace the URL's with their own, and since I was a programmer for 35 years I do know how to read source code: which is where I found my Adwords account name right in the middle of "their" ad...hummmm
Since our company's have no bearing on each other I found that even more strange.

Any how after 4 days of "flat lining" on my account I decided to ask a lawyer for some advice, I have all the supporting documents to show my original ad, the copied and in someone else's company name(with my info still in it) and they ad that they changed , once they got back to work on Monday: removing my name and URL.

I was just writing my email to tell Ad words to cancel my account and be ready to hear from my lawyer at some point, when I went back to ad words to get some info that I missed, when all of a sudden Bam !!
My ads were back and working just fine, back on page one all kinds of impressions and clicks....
Wonder of all wonders...huh?

I guess the moral of the story is: Be aware of all that you do online, do not just put information out there and expect it to be safe, no matter what it is....This wonder of all wonders that was supposed to make our lives so easy and give us the paperless society, has developed into anything but.
I'm so often reminded that we all need to take time out of each day and just spend a few minutes being grateful for what we do have in our lives that is positive, a good friend, the love of others, a chance to walk by the water and watch the sun's reflections dance. Breathe in the peaccefullness of your lives and embrace it. There is always time for chaos.

" For those that believe, there is no need for proof:
for those who do not belieive, no proof is possible"
And in Parting let me remind you for those interseted...the 124 Gold Rush is on again, open enrollment where thousands join 124 each month..on the 23rd of this month I had 6,500 silvers and 2 days into the Gold Rush I have 11,677, Proof that is works quite well...
I have a ticket available on the first come forst serve basis.. 1414335122c Take it and enhance your life and well beinig.`

have a great day for now,


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