posted on: 5/29/2011 10:35:17 PM EST
I'm Just Saying...
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I’m just saying……

Last week I got a letter from the exterminator, saying that since I was such a valued customer, “ my customer fee will be raised $ 8.00 this year…….

I haven’t had any kids in school for at least 40 years….but my school tax just went up AGAIN this year……..

I have one vice left, I smoke and my cigarettes prices raised from 2.25 a pack to 6.49 a pack……..

My house value went down last year by 27 %…but my property tax went up by 17% this year (hummmm?)….

I do have to buy gas for my car once in a while…when I do the price is up .50 a gallon and the next day it goes down .25 a gallon.
But next week when I need it again it’s up .75 a gallon. So it’s cheaper when I don’t use it than when I do???….

I don’t need a license to fish anymore….but when I did…it was 14.00, this year it’s 28.00?? Better tasting fish?……

I used to drive to the airport for 1.75 in tolls….this year it’s 7.50??? Faster service????……that’s if the road construction (that I’m paying for ) doesn’t make me late for the plane….

I can spend ..(oh pick a number)…$2,000.00 at a casino, nobody cares but let me win $ 600.00 see how much paper work there is……..(also true for stocke)

Last year I went to Doctors for a checkup…all was well…I paid $20.00 co-pay….this year….the insurance premiums went up double per month and the deductibles doubled and what they cover went down??? And my co-pay is $33.00.….(now I think I’m sick)

Two years ago I used to enjoy going out to eat once in a while… 7.95 for a small steak and two sides….This year I can get the same meal on “special”…for $12.99 with choice of 1 side…….if I eat it at 3:30 in the afternoon……

In 1919 there were 144 paved miles of roads in the USA and 400 cars, 100 years later there are 400 cars for every 144 seconds that pass in a mile of paved road.…..

I registered my car for $ 46.00 every year…now it’s $ 90.00 for the same car, (with a years worth of depreciation) driving on the same awful roads….

I was going to draw this out for another page with the 47 taxes that we pay now that didn’t even exist 50 years ago but why get depressed if you don’t have to.

I guess I don’t really have a point here….I’m sure you can draw your own picture….

I’m just saying….


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