posted on: 8/1/2011 9:42:29 PM EST
The Quick Scoop on ONE X ...a program worth it's weight
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Ok ONE X is a "feeder program " for QLX, that is the parent company...they are a Gold and Silver company and are collecting customers basically, through ONE X.. It's a great opportunity for two reasons, you're getting a chance to build your referrals list and also being placed in a position where eventually you can piurchase Silver and or Gold at a greatly reduced price.

ONE X is a "lost leader" for QLX, meaning that they won't make any money with it but that they will gain a ton of giving away all the profits back to those who sign up(at a 100% payback on commissions).
In the end they(QLX) will have 200,000 people that they can move into their company at the cost of $1.00 and hopefully a large percentage of those people will but Silver or Gold from QLX..(the parent company) Even if the acquire 10% of the 200,00 plus participants, that's 20,000 new potential customers: brilliant idea.
My job and your job is to get 4 people that want to build a matrix with the end result being $5,120.00 for the 1st phase and 99,440.00 for the end of the 2nd matrix.
For a $5.00 dolllar investment it's a great deal. Some have completed the matrix in one month(340 people), others will have to work on it longer...(like me).

The whole thing depends on how many people you can bring in, you will get $5.00 back for each person and more bonuses along the way. Matching sponsor bonus for one.
You can take you will run for years.

With the economy collapsing all around us , a lot of people are moving 20% of their assets into precious metals and every one is trying to capture that feeling. If you don't have any yet...find some, you may someday be holding a fist full of 100 dollar bills and not be enough to fill your gas tank.

That's about we go along if you have any questions please ask me. There several strategies on growing this business.


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