posted on: 8/15/2011 1:35:55 AM EST
Get prepared
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They say hind sight is 20/20...try not to get caught with being on the short end of the stick . Soon the world economy will collapse, it is inevitable, we have spent ourselves into a "Black Hole" and there is no way out, greed has been flourishing for 200 years in this country. Get ready for a new way of life and please don't make the mistake of thinking that things won't change, they will.

If you do anything this year (and it is half over as of this writing) get your self positioned in to precious metals. say , it's beyond my means, while

People have been using that excuse since GOLD was 300.00 per ounce. If you buy 1 gram (1/32 of and ounce) , once a month you won't be sorry.
Today GOLD is $ 1746.00 per ounce can you realize what that means to you had you bought 10 ounces, when it was too expensive to purchase.
Be a winner in the 21 century economy, don't get left behind, it won't be pretty.

Life is a series of relative terms, get on the side of relitivity and prepare for your future.

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