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Always Keep In Touch With Your Customers
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Now that you have an online business, you need to stay in touch with your existing customers.

Always keep your customers information safe! Do not share this information with anyone. You should
also select a safe method of payment. I use PayPal! Add a short description of the payment process and give your customers a guarantee that their information will be safe. Respecting the privacy of your
customers is essential to gaining a good reputation. You should also always obtain the authorization of
your customers before emailing them promotional content.

Always Send a thank you email to the customers who order products. Invite them to contact you if there is anything wrong with their order. Do not hesitate to reward your best customers with exclusive
discounts or to email them free downloads or free e-books if they buy certain products. You should also
use of your email list to ask for reviews, feedback! Always Make sure you offer prizes to the people who
take the time to give you feedback.

Use social networks to stay in touch with your customers. Let your customers know they can get in touch with you on social networks and comment on your updates with suggestions or share their experiences with your products. You should always answer to your customers in a helpful and friendly way. Do not engage in arguments or personal discussions on social networks. Create a page that is not associated with your business if you want to interact with your friends or family on these sites.

Give customers a reason to stay in touch with you and become active members of your online community. You can achieve this by making them feel valued, offering them discounts, useful tips or giving them a
chance to express their opinion. You should also give them a chance to share their own tips and discuss
your products with each other.

All this are things I have learned over the past few Months!

Oh yes always be kind to yourself as you identify and plot your path.

I'm here to help @ Skype ID: helengibbscircle65,

Helen's Circle

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Helen Gibbs    1352 day(s) ago
Marian, Keith, Ally, Robert, Troy, Idriss, Elena, Dawn, Rev.Margaret, I appreciate you all for reading my blog Blessings Always
Marian Gurowicz   1352 day(s) ago
As we talk about building relationships instead of selling products, your blog post is a staple of this new paradigm. Thank you for sharing Helen.
Ally Stewart   1352 day(s) ago
I agree 100% with what you say here. You want to ensure your customers keep going back to you and keep buying for many years to come. It's easier, cheaper and more profitable to keep happy customers that do repeat business than to keep replacing them with new customers.
Robert Coaster   1353 day(s) ago
Hi Helen keeping in touch with your customers and keeping their info safe are very important. Thanks for sharing your article. Liked & tweeted for you have a nice day!
Troy Green   1353 day(s) ago
You hit the nail on the head Helen!A T&L for you!

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