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How to Use Attraction Colors in Advertisements
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The advertising world revolves around the principle of attraction. No matter what the product, the advertisement should attract the targeted buyer. One of the first things you notice about any advertisement is the colors.

Using internet advertising such as banners, the colors and design hold the ad together. Advertising experts study colors most, since they can have so many different connotations in different contexts. It is essential to use colors to project an image of the product. Is it a bright, colorful kiddy product? Is it a warm, family oriented product? Is it a novelty? Is it the latest teen choice? All of these factors are portrayed by the color schemes of advertisement.

Red symbolizes power, energy, vitality and vigor. Red is an attractive color to nearly everyone. It is the first color babies can see, the most popular color among children and generally liked by adults. Since red has the ability to physically affect humans by increasing the breathing and pulse rate, it can be used for anything exciting. Overall, red is a pretty useful advertising color.

Green is the nature color with strong ties with the get-green movements. Green portrays health and nature. Along with this, green has the nurturing and tranquil effect, as it is the easiest color for the eye to see. Green is synonymous with harmony. Green is also associated with money and financial power.

Blue is the universal favorite. As a cool shade, it not only promotes serenity and clarity, it also denotes intellect and precision.

Yellow is a two-sided advertising color. It is the most eye-catching color, but can be fatiguing to the eye and overbearing to the mind. The use of yellow for important things can be a good property as well. Yellow is a happy, energetic color. People tend to associate yellow to sunshine and happiness, so it remains a good advertising color tool.

Purple is the luxury color. High quality in its elegance, it is often used to attract women who find the color irresistible. Because of its royal appearance, it can affect perception of bargain hunters, while giving quality to cheaper products. As a result, purple is an overall regal mark of the feminine, but also signifies royalty.

Orange is a more neutral shade of red. It has all the energetic warmth of the warmer half of the color wheel, but it does not have the association with negative emotions.

Pink is the number one feminine color in the world. Known for its attractive quality, pink is used all over as the popular advertising color for all things related to girls and women.

Black is the smooth shade of exclusivity. Shiny black is a mark of excellence, while black on the whole is a very formal color in advertising. Although black tends to be a more traditional color, it can be used to give class to advertisements as well. Black text is best on white background as it makes information pop out better.

White is the cool airy shade of purity. White is often used to give a calm look to a room shown in an advertisement. Modern and abstract, white remains a favorite where clear-cut lines play a role.

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