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Link180 and ViraDyne Compete with Yahoo!?
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If you could receive monthly cash rewards just for changing your Internet homepage, browsing the pages and finding at least 5 other people who also change their homepage, would you do it? What if I told you that ViraDyne would pay you for making its website your home page?

Link180 is a next generation search engine and customizable homepage that is FREE to all its members! Link180 is similar to an online newspaper. It combines the power and popularity of Google Search, with content features similar to Yahoo!.

ViraDyne has an exclusive worldwide marketing agreement to acquire homepage members for Link180, who pays ViraDyne a flat monthly fee for each Link180 homepage member. ViraDyne pays a majority of that amount to its affiliates as a reward for referring homepage members to Link180. ViraDyne donates an additional 10% of all referral rewards to a favorite approved charity for each affiliate.

Future enhancements to Link180 will include unique personalization features that will improve and simplify your Internet experience. Your Link180 homepage will become your personalized Internet navigation hub.

By joining ViraDyne as an affiliate now, you will receive a FREE Link180 home page. You can start earning rewards by referring at least 5 other people who make Link180 their homepage and encouraging them to do the same. Referral rewards are paid out monthly, so join and start referring others now!

Joining the ViraDyne affiliate program is simple and free.
Nothing to buy... Nothing to sell... Make Link180 your homepage. Use your new Link180 homepage by visiting it daily. Refer at least 5 new people who make Link180 their homepage and encourage all your referred members to refer other Link180 homepage users. The more Link180 homepage users you refer, the more money you make from ViraDyne.

Now I will ask you again: If you could receive monthly cash rewards just for changing your Internet homepage, browsing the pages and finding at least 5 other people who also change their homepage, would you do it?

Click the link provided to learn more and start using Link180 as your home page.

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