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CyberWealth 7 combats a Serious Threat to your Internet Security!
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Unsuspecting Business and personal internet users have a not so new, but very serious and growing security threat!
Until now, current security measures have been totally ineffective in curbing this threat.

The Threat is Key-logging and Key-logging Theft.  The FBI has rated Key-logging Theft as the No.1 cybercrime worldwide.

P.C. Users are under the false impression that their internet security, anti spam, anti Virus and firewalls are protecting them from Key-loggers. Many current internet security measures may eliminate the threat of spyware that tracks their website visits and may crash their computers but the Key-logger threat is much more insidious and almost always goes undetected by current Measures.

 A Key-logger is a type of surveillance software that has the capability to record every keystroke you make to a log file, (usually encrypted). A key-logger recorder can record instant messages, email and any information you type, at any time on your keyboard. The log file created by the Key-Logger can then be sent to a specific receiver. Some Key-Logger programs can also record any email addresses you use and Website URL's you visit.

This danger was recently highlighted when Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation discovered a Key-Logger installed on its network in London. There have been many such instances of Key-Logger software having been found on high profile companies worldwide.  Recently, Key-Logger software was found at 14 Kinko's locations in New York. The Perpetrator installed the software and using it to open Bank accounts with the names of some of the 450 users whose personal information he collected. Valve Software founder Gabe Newell found the source code to his company's Half-Life 2 Game Stolen after someone planted a Key-Logger on his computer. In 2013 the New York Times discovered a Key-Logger Virus Collecting Data on their reporters confidential sources.

Being a serious threat to both Businesses and Personal P.C. users, Key-Logger Hackers can gain access to personal information, Bank accounts, Social Security Numbers, Credit Cards and other financial information in order to steal funds or set up accounts, one would never know until the damage is done.

A Key-Logger can be inserted on a victims computer by many different methods. It could be delivered by a virus, spyware or an attachment in an Email. It can even be embedded in an MP-3 file or delivered via a XSS, (cross Site Scripting) attack.

CFA Defender uses a different approach to defend against Key-Loggers. Rather than trying to detect Key-Loggers it take a preventative approach encrypting all the P.C. users keystrokes and typing before the information reaches the browser.
If the software is breached in any way the user is alerted immediately.

CyberWealth 7's CFA Defender is the only anti Key-Logging software available to date. For more information on how CFA Defender can protect you or your business, please visit our site at:

CyberWealth 7 offers Excellent affiliate and Residual income possibilities.  Affiliates sign up is Free and your subscription to CFA Defender is free after three sales. This product is something every Business and personal P.C. user is going to need to stay secure online!

At Cyberwealth 7 Your Security online is our greatest concern.

Ralph Francis,

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Devy Brown   426 day(s) ago
Cyber In-security is one of the largest threats to global peace and to our national security and personal economic stability. I will share Ralph Francis
Curtiss Martin    494 day(s) ago
An Informative Press Release, Ralph. Key Loggers are a massive threat to our security. Thanks for sharing this important information.
Randy Ireland   715 day(s) ago
Valuable info, Ralph. L&S for you!
Ralph Francis   716 day(s) ago
Cyber Wealth 7 encrypts your information at the Source, when your typing! Target Co. could have benefited from CW-7 during their recent security breach! Save yourself from Key-logger theft! sign up 3 affiliates and your service is free! Everyone is going to need this service!
Ralph Francis   733 day(s) ago
CyberWealth7 is one of our family of Halo's designed to protect your wealth and security online. To join our Financial Halo team visit: This is just a Beta site for enrollment. For CW7 visit that site directly.

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