posted on: 4/22/2012 12:20:27 PM EST
My top three influencers in IBOtoolbox!
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My top three influencers in IBOtoolbox.

I've been active on the IBOtoolbox platform since April 16 when I posted my third blog. I had posted a couple of blogs last October and since that time I just let IBOtoolbox sit idle. It wasn't until I attended Paul Williams webinar on IBOtoolbox one Saturday afternoon from one till 2 PM.

What I learned from Paul was how to use IBOtoolbox in an efficient way, save time, and promote my business.

Three specific Associates that I am connected here with at IBOtoolbox have played an important role in helping me get my business to the next level. These fine professionals are Alan Turnquist, Neil Grippa and David Lundgren.

Alan Turnquist helped me by writing a 30 second infomercial and a 7 min. unique selling proposition for my business. What this has done for my prospecting and presentations has been very exciting. Alan is the associate that taught me about exposure. Not the trench coat exposure but getting your unique selling proposition out to as many prospective clients as possible and allowing the cream to rise to the top.

Neil Grippa helped by spending time time teaching me how to develop traffic to a website and also how to present myself by video has been very helpful in the One minute infomercial that I will share with you at the and of this blog.

And finally, David Lundgren who taught me how to put all of this together and create a viral seed to any information that I need to get out to my distributors and prospects.

The end result is that I am much more capable of helping many more of my distributors attain and reach their goals.

And of course I have to thank the developer of IBOtoolbox, Paul Williams, for his commitment for this platform to always be free to its members. Keeping the platform simple so that what we write and share can be quickly and efficiently spread throughout the Internet.

Click on the link below and enjoy my one minute infomercial. Oh well I talk too slow it took me a minute, I was shooting for 30 seconds.

Crushing Success just 3 Steps away:

Best of health,

Doug Leclair

Need help getting it done, I'm here to help!

And a special thanks to Larry Christenson for inspiring me to post this blog today!

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Velma Joseph    1387 day(s) ago
Awesome! Thanks for your authenticity in sharing this great article DOUG and for honoring those who have helped you on your journey ~ blessings and continued success in ALL your endeavors! Grateful Velma
Patricia Juhrend   1389 day(s) ago
Wow, I need a teacher like you!
Robert Frasier   1389 day(s) ago
Now to me this is the best blogs I've seen in a long time. No offense to anyone else but I believe this is what this site is all about. Thanks for sharing......
David Lundgren   1389 day(s) ago
Great Job, Doug! Remember, when you learn a new skill from someone - it is your duty to "pay it forward" and teach others. This is what I have done now for 20+ years of working online. Remember my motto: "Just wait until I really know what I am doing!"
Mircea Ionel Jr   1390 day(s) ago
It is quite rare to see such an opened way of sharing thoughts about personal or business achievements and moreover about those who contributed the most in accomplishing them. Thank you Doug for the fine way in bringing out to light your IBO Team of Mentors. We all should see through and look up to Doug's way of doing things. Go Doug! Go IBO!

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