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I was lost and looking for free network marketing help
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17 years of big dreams, big goals, and spending most of that time looking for answers as to how this network marketing business works!

As the snow was falling in Salt Lake City Utah, I fixed myself a cup of hot chocolate and called my mlm sponsor for help, and was told to find the answers myself because he didn't have the time for me.. I was also asked to use my credit card to pay for leads only to find out later that my sponsor was making money off my leads. I became ticked off and discouraged.

Four years ago, I was asked by a new sponsor with a different mlm company to go out into the hot summer sun and put flyers on cars in the Walmart parking lot.. This did not set well with me because I hate going out into the hot hot Vegas sun. I was so thirsty..seemed like I couldn't drink enough water.

I said " enough is enough " wanted to quit,and then my husband told me to get on the computer and find a mentor. After giving him many dirty looks, I decided to take his advice.

I recieved an email inviting me to download a book. I had nothing to loose, and got the book, after all, it was FREE. I liked FREE. I read the book in two hours. It was a page turner. The book is called SUCCESS IN 10 STEPS.

After reading the powerpacked book, I was able to see that failure was not my fault! I got plugged into the Mentoring for Free system and have built relationships that I otherwise would have missed out on.

Please yourself a favor and stop wandering from program to program and wasting precious time and money that you don't have...just download this FREE book and get your answers

Ingrid Camacho

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Joan Hall   1410 day(s) ago
Ingrid thanks for this fine blog. It will save heart ache and money loss for many! tweeting

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