posted on: 12/3/2011 7:26:20 AM EST
Ultamex - Just Launched - Hurry Joint it now
Residual income, make money online, life changer

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UltaMex IS LIVE.. And Spreading Worldwide
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Its Amazing, Its Global and Its Unique
UltaMex is about to take the World by Storm.

Eliminate Debt, Create Wealth
UltaMex has a Low 1x outlay.
No Auto Ship, No Admin Fees
No Monthly Fees, No Qualifications

No SPONSORING required, FOR YOU to earn.
(Substantial bonuses should you decide to sponsor.)

UltaMex Overview:
It’s a Straight Line... As people from around the world
Join they will be falling below you.
Earn $25 in the feeder when the 1st person falls below
you earn as you progress
you earn mex1 $350, Mex2 $1150,
Mex3 $3550, Mex4 $7150 and Mex5 $21,550 ,

That’s Over 33K


If you sponsored just one. You would earn
bonuses on your Referrals. 20% on Mex1 thru Mex4
30% on Mex5

Remember UltaMex is LIVE and coming to a neighborhood
Near You... Get In Before The Masses.

Don’t Delay


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