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Viral Advertising At It’s Very Best
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What is viral in internet marketing terms?

I would call it the electronic version of word of mouth, meaning that people will share your content via social media because they find it interesting and amusing. Once they have shared with their friends, their friends will share also.

The best example of viral marketing is facebook. Facebook was originally named “The Facebook” and was created by ex Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg. This early version of facebook was only available to Harvard students, and soon it spread like wildfire around other universities in the USA.

Mark Zuckerberg then quit Harvard to persue his dream for Facebook to become the number one most visited website in the world, at present I believe there are more than 700 million facebook users worldwide.

What has this got to do with well, staged probably wont give you 700 million visitors, but you get the idea of viral marketing.

You can capitalise very easily with staged by sharing the videos you come across from youtube, vimeo, yahoo, twitvid and many others.

Here is a live stage that went viral overnight….. …And yes, All my links were on this stage bringing me free viral traffic overnight.

How does work?

1….find an interesting or funny video, or even your own business video on one of many video websites, for better results, find a video that people will want to share.

2….From within the staged platform choose from one of many background designs or themes. More themes are being added on a regular basis.

3….Customise your stage to include your banners and links to wherever you would like your visitors to go, it could be your blog, your website or your affiliate link, placing banners is optional but recommended.

4….enter some keywords and description for the search engines ( stages rank very highly in google)

5….Promote your new stage via any social media you choose, personally I think stumbleupon is excellent providing you choose the right category.

6….Watch your stats rise by the minute or hour. google analytics can also be included to track your best performing stages.

The benefits of

Build an unlimited amount of stages which can be categorised for ease of use and searching

You can have a thumbnail of your other videos for visitors to click on which is why having categories is important. If you have a funny video, you can opt to show up to 4 thumbnails of your other funny videos which will increase your traffic also.

FREE traffic as more and more people share your stage, there is always an endless supply of interesting and funny videos that people will want to share. Whether people will click your advertising links or banners is up to you and the content you supply. is so easy and a stage can be built in minutes with 9 clicks of a mouse which means a toddler could do it, so there are no special skills needed. Because google already loves, there is no need to waste time or money doing your own seo, new stages are spidered by the google bot within minutes which means FREE organic traffic.

The business opportunity

You can join staged free and start making your stages immediately, however you cannot place your own banners or links, the banners or links that will be shown will be from the person who enrolled you, but if this is ok by you, why not go ahead and get your free account.

It only costs $24.99 a month for a full account where you have full control over all your ads.
If you wish to promote and earn some good income, then there are videos and links for this also. Every time someone sign up as a paid member from your link you receive £12.50 fast start bonus, so 2 people a month will pay your membership fees. You can also match a % of what they earn as well as getting paid with your downlinw matrix and spillover.

And if you sponsor enough people into, they will give you a share of their profits every month, how cool is that.

Lastly, how many people do you think would love this concept of viral advertising, well if you love it, then there must be many others, you just have to find them which makes one of the easiest businesses to promote due to the viral aspect…Thanks for reading and good luck

You can up for your free staged account here

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