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New beginnings.
New beginnings.

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New beginnings.
New beginnings happen all the time, without even noticing. Always something ends and something else appears, and we treat it as something natural, welcome the good things and sometimes regretted as good as things happen. This is the flow of life. So why dwell on it? That you should pay attention, be aware that anything new is an opportunity, even if it seems to us that we are giving up on fun

The main thing is to start
Before thinking about what we want to start, should realize that the whole thing will start something else, know that everything is about something one and driving something else. Therefore, the main thing is to begin, just enter the movement. Even if the natural and normal the world moves without fear of not standing still, be aware of this movement.

To reevaluate
The first step is to spend time over the past year. Not enough business summaries and bottom lines, should give place to the feelings, and ask: Have you felt satisfied this year? What was different this year from previous years to her? Can I say this past year was good? If not, what is the most significant factor that made me feel good about it?

Say what you want to happen in the new year
After we entered the movement start and examined the last year, it's time to say explicitly what we want to happen next year. For example, I want my customer number will increase by 10%; I want to spend more this year with the kids, I want to enter new content life; I want to get into another niche business.

Deconstruct their decisions and goals
After we know what we want to happen, you have to kick things and it starts Blfrot factors desires - decisions, goals and methods of implementation. The idea is to analyze the things we wanted to change and move, and give ourselves a chance to know them. When you're already in this endeavor more difficult - the goal can be missed, even slightly, and we feel not satisfied, sometimes without knowing why.

Think of one thing you want to renew your life
What is it that can give rise to me? It does not have to be about business, but it must be attached to you really. It can manifest itself in studies abroad, yoga or change course built in the diet. In any case it should be something that meets a real need and your interior. If you just opened a training fund, you can use it just for this purpose.

Invite people to be part of your business and your life
To start something needs to be opened. It means to release control of places that lack of control can only help. Like sending your bread upon the waters. Begin to share with people close and less close acquaintances even things up to now not shared. For example, business dilemmas, implications for the future and everyday challenges. As we said at first, which brings nothing and have no way of knowing what will bring you a chance conversation with an acquaintance, and what might develop in its wake.
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