posted on: 6/9/2012 2:55:11 AM EST
Past Venician Dreams-Old fishing tales
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Space Trucin Report

We had a lot of luck on VenusWe always had a ball on MarsMeeting all the groovey peopleWe've rocked the Milky Way so farWe danced around with BorealiceWe're space truckin' round the the starsCome on let's go Space Truckin'Remember when we did the moonshotAnd Pony Trekker led the wayWe'd move to the Canaveral moonstopAnd everynaut would dance and swayWe got music in our solar system(From: )We're space truckin' round the starsCome on let's go Space Truckin'The fireball that we rode was movingBut now we've got a new machineYeah Yeah Yeah Yeah the freaks saidMan those cats can really swingThey got music in their solar systemThey've rocked around the Milky WayThey dance around the BorealiceThey're Space Truckin' everydayCome on
Greenstar Mission 5 Patrol-During his time of Stasis in scilence scilence He was reminded of his pre-earth. kindergarden days-picture-planted in Venus Dream Status field-Uncle too far away-gentle distration-distant radio station shreaking at him walked to the north to grab his favorite candy bar. he held in his hands like a new bride. He ramebered holding his fathers hand when he reached Mr. Collins house. She smiled at the door. He hoped in the car and went fishing. Half a day while ma and pa were going to school. Another sunny day at the lake. He would ask all kinds of questions. While fishing he would listen to her softly humming some old christian song. Ready for another waleye to nibble at the pole. Never wanting to go home. The dark night is over now.(continued).........

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ralf dooley    1266 day(s) ago
Great Blogpost.Keep up the great work.

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