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A Customer Generating Marketing Plan
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Effective marketing comes down to getting someone who has a need to know, like, and trust you.

For years, some have used the “marketing funnel” as their means of marketing and gathering customers. The idea was to get as many leads in the big end of the funnel, and then work a few down through the small end as customers.

This marketing system , on the other hand, focuses on finding the right leads and then moving them systematically along a path that creates a great customer experience -- and then using those customers to generate more customers while continuing your initial marketing strategy to create new customers.

What’s great about this system is that you have multiple avenues of customer creation. Your focus is more about the total customer experience. Creating new customers will become easier because some of your new customers will come from your existing customers!

What you need to do is create marketing touches, branding, education, content, and processes that will guide potential customers through the stages of your marketing system. In order for this process to work, however, your customers must receive remarkable customer service so they become repeat customers and then refer your business and products to their circle of influence.

Marketing shouldn't be a violent, in your face, method; the success of all the different social media websites have proven this. Marketers who are forcing their products and services into the facebooks of the world are finding themselves blocked and with a reputation they don’t want. Don’t make this whole “marketing” stuff hard. If you create a logical road to your product, service and content, proving your worth by providing useful materials—you will see the profits that trust supplies.

Look at your business and determine the ways you could create prospect and customer touch points for each of the seven phases.

1. Know - Your ads, article, and referred leads

2. Like - Your website, reception, and email newsletter

3. Trust - Your marketing kit and sales presentations

4. Try - Webinars, evaluations, and nurturing activities

5. Buy - Fulfillment, new customer kit, delivery, and financial arrangements

6. Repeat - Post-customer survey, cross-sell presentations, and quarterly events

7. Refer - Results reviews, partner introductions, peer-to-peer webinars, and community building

Don’t try to skip any of the process. Attempting to go from Know to Buy will prove to be a difficult if not impossible task. You cannot gain trust that way. Develop a good reputation, then collect customer testimonials and maintain relevant content and your customers will spread the word without any promptly from you.

Establish an organized new customer orientation procedure and results review processes to guarantee your customers are satisfied.

Generate systems to collect success stories, form customer feedback loops, and instate some sort of customer community participation whether its through social media outlets, newsletters, or mass conference calls.

Using these different approaches will ensure that customer satisfaction is great, and happy customers leads to curious referrals who are eager to go through your established marketing system.

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