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Fun, Themed Parties
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Fun, Themed Parties

Have to have a party or get together? Need sales; birthday; anniversary; graduation; or your boss just asked you to plan a party for the office or clients? Whether it's business or pleasure, why have the same old, hum-drum, party? Make one up and have a little fun!

There are loads of creative ways to celebrate anything. Plus, parties are a great stress reliever. As everyone knows, there are always loads of laughs at parties. The laughs will rid you and your guests of those testy chemicals in the brain that drain your strength and enjoyment in life, so party, laugh, and enjoy all those good feeling endorphins!

Here are a few themed parties I’ve found that have been loads of fun. Some are for ladies only, and some are for both men and women. However, I think if any suggestion is tweaked just a little both men and women would enjoy themselves!

Everyone’s favorite will always be a Wine and Cheese Party or the Cocktail-type Party. (For you southerners, like me, you can call it a Beer and Beer Cheese Party!)

For the Wine and Cheese Party, change it up a little and ask your guest’s to tacky-dress for an evening out in your home. This can be lots of fun, because ladies can come dressed in their gaudiest dress or pantsuit (what a way to use those ugly bridesmaid dressed) and wear loads and loads of their ugliest/tackiest jewelry. Guys might have those tuxedo-type T-shirts, ugly plaid suit or how about jeans and a ruffled shirt!

For the Beer and Beer Cheese party, everyone dresses up like their favorite feuding clan members from the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s! (I’m assuming everyone knows these characters!) This is especially fun with families, when one side of the family is the Hatfield’s and the other the McCoy’s. If you have a few party-poopers, who choose not to dress up for these parties, have them judge and select whose team best captured the costume theme Then have a small booby-prize for the winner!

Another favorite is the good old fashioned picnic or pool party (with a twist). Your twist can be most anything. Several I like are: Luau’s, Beach/Surfer, Mexican Fiesta, Your Just Desserts, Christmas in July, and Ugly Bathing Suit Contest. You can always look online for great adult party ideas. One of the sites I like is . Further, most of these sites will even provide you with decoration, drink and food recipe ideas!

Other ideas include:

· Texas/Cowboy(girl) Night Out – come in your best western wear.

· Masquerades or Halloween parties.

· 1950’s Party; 1970’s Disco; or Rock and Roll Party.

· How about a Naughty Nightie Party? These are loads of great fun, but basically for women. Everyone brings their naughtiest nightie they have stuffed way back in their nightie drawer. (I once had someone bring a flannel nightgown; she said the lace on the one she brought was the naughtiest one she had!!!).

· Try a TV or Movie inspired party – How about Ghost Hunters Night Out - There are a lot of older homes or estates that will allow you to have parties in their buildings. What better place to hunt for ghosts? Movies could be themed toward Harry Potter, Twilight, or Hunger Games.

· Try a Murder Mystery Party

· How about Game Night – Everyone brings their favorite games (cards, board games, guessing games, how about TWISTER for loads of riotous laughter !!)

· Try a Psychic Party – if your town has a local psychic, see if they would be willing to set up at your party for a short period of time and read palms or Tarot Cards for your guests!

· Derby Party (or Triple Crown), Fourth of July Party, Spring Fling, Autumn Delight, etc.

Have I increased your interest in throwing a great themed party? Has the list gotten your creativity juices flowing?

However, for those of us in sales, the bigger question is how can parties tie into our business? For those who direct sell through home parties, this is a great way to increase attendance, enthusiasm, participation, and enjoyment. Most any of these themes can be suggested to your hosts and hostesses.

Others, use parties to thank past customers or organizations you may do consistent business with. Parties can also be used to invite your new business associates or prospects, allowing them to get to know you and network with individuals you normally work or do business with.

I think almost any businessperson can find a useful way to use themed parties, whether it be for their business or simply as a stress reliever for their hard work and success!

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Kenneth Leon    1385 day(s) ago
Nice blog. Glad to read!

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