posted on: 12/8/2011 10:21:33 PM EST
Auto Profit Machine Review: Here’s All You Need To Know
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It has just launched and it is called the Auto Profit Machine. It is a viral income generating technology that makes you $25 commissions over and over again. You’ve never seen anything like this… There is NO Sponsoring Required with this system.

This new software program is a pure affiliate program that pays the members a 50% commission straight to their PayPal/Alertpay account. There’s no product to sell or inventory (although Max has added some of his own training which will benefit anyone looking to make money online and is more than worth the membership price) and this is NOT considered to be a business opportunity.

When you sign up as a paid member for a one-time $50, you receive a replicated website. In addition to the website, you’ll receive a viral affiliate link that promotes YOUR website 70% of the time and a company rotator 30% of the time. I’ve never seen anything like this and this is why your link is GUARANTEED to get advertised even if you do nothing.

Max’s programs are known to attract many of the top internet marketers because they convert very well. Your link will get promoted by these top marketers and there’s a very good chance you’ll make money even if you do nothing. But…

Why would you want to do that? A big part of the reason why people don’t make money online is that they don’t do anything after they sign up. They sit around and wait or hope to make money off the efforts of others. For every sale made, you make $25 so why not try to make some of your own sales?

JUST ADDED: You can now earn 4 Levels deep as follows:

Level 1: $25
Level 2: $5.95
Level 3: $1.95
Level 4: $1.00

To summarize this Auto Profit Machine review, I’d first say that there is no Auto Profit Machine scam. This is a simple affiliate program that anyone can do and is absolutely perfect for newbies. “Why Not” for $50? There is a good chance you will make more than that if you do nothing at all and a very good chance you’ll make a lot more if you promote your affiliate link. Heck, I’m promoting members’ links just by writing this review.

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