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How to add a new Tab to your Facebook Fanpage
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Here are THREE NEW things I learned about Facebook today.

1.) How to add a new tab to your Fanpage:

I did set up my fan page a while ago and at that time I was shown how to add a tab for e.g. a Welcome page with the Static FBML application. When I decided to add a second tab this option had been removed apparently by FB, because I could not find it anymore. I know it ws there before, had seen it, bit now it was gone.

I checked the Facebook help pages, I searched Google, I could not find any newer info about how to add a tab to your fanpage.

This morning however, I opened my inbox and a found an email sent by LinkedIn with a link to an online magazine called the (Had never seen that before, is this new?) The headline was: Top news today: How Pinterest Is Becoming the Next Big Thing in Social…

That peaked my interest, since I have seen Pinterest and pin boards all over the place in FB recently and I really do not know much about it. (This will be something for a different post some day…:-) At the end of the article was a link to

How to Build a Fan-Worthy Facebook Page. Haah, now we are talking.

I finally found some answers in this very helpful article, posted by STARR HALL in the online magazine .

According to Starr Hall’s article, “sites as offer free trials and step-by-step tutorials to help you customize your page, including tabs”. (Woobox – Promotion apps to woo your fans).

Go to

Click on: Custom Facebook Page Tab and install this app (takes only seconds). Click Allow for the app to be connected with your FB account. Once it is installed, you will see a form, which you can customize. Try it out, play with it, it does not hurt you. If you are stuck, visit the’s tutorial, link will be visible once you have installed the app..

You can set it up with two settings,

A) before the “LIKE” [ e.g. here is mine and

B) after someone has liked your fanpage [click on the like and you will see].

You can also choose if this should be the first page someone sees who visits your fanpage or rather your fanpage itself. And you can also add an opt in form with the html editor. There may be even more options, I just tried it out this morning.

2.) NEW: you can now choose a username for your fanpage WITHOUT having to have 25+ likes.

Good NEWS indeed, now you just need to go to and set your name in the URL, which is great for branding and of course easy link referrals.BUT choose carefully, once you have reached 100+ likes you cannot make any changes to your username anymore.

3.) You can actually change the order of your buttons/tabs/links

on the left hand side underneath your profile photo.

So, all in all it was already a very interesting morning, full of pleasant surprises.

This is to YOUR Success!

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