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Self control, kindness, meekness, strength

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I just returned from my weekly Sunday morning worship service. Most of the time during the service, I am very focused on the worship and the reflecting on my past week, but today several words were used by my pastor that really got my attention. The word that got most of my attention was meekness.

Many of us think of negatives, when we speak about meekness. One of the first words that come to mind when one thinks of meekness is weakness. If you have met meek people in this world you many times laugh and ridicule them because they seemed to be too soft. Especially, when we were children, we always picked on the kid who was meek and mild. Most of us in one venue or another were picked on because we seemed to be the weakest of all the group. I suffered as a child, because I was always the mild mannered one and got the brunt of the teasing and hazing from those who thought I was the weakest. Even until this day, at 6-1 and 260 pounds, I am mild mannered and easy going. I have been questioned many times in job interviews, "Are all big guys like you soft spoken?' The answers is in many cases yes, but a few the big guys are as mean as they come.

I was taught as a child in my native West Virginia that you get more flies with honey than with vinegar. A nice dispostion is preferred over an unpleasant one. We have all heard that it is better to say nothing than to utter negative words about another person. One of the great things about IBOtoolbox is that the negative is not allowed which fosters a positive environment in which all of us can grow and prosper.

You may ask then, "What is meekness?" The pastor had a perfect definition. Meekness is strength under control. It takes a special person to turn the other cheek or overcome evil with good. Especially when you know you can easily defeat your opponent. It is easy lash out against another rather than be a peacemaker and stand your ground. The pastor gave an excellent example concerning one of the church members who just happened to be an accomplished martial artist. This gentlemen has been challenged several times in places where the adversary wanted to assault him and asked to take it outside. This gentleman refused because he did not want the violence plus he could probably have severely injured this person with one or two blows. This is the strength under control that the pastor was talking about. Let us all learn to be meek and humble. We should always have our strength under control.

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