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How Much Would You Like the Internet Giant IF He Can Make Money For You?
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Do you like the Internet Giant? Is he friend or foe? Does he help or hurt you? The Internet giant just continues to grow bigger and bigger with more programs and more money.

What if he asked you FIVE RIDDLES? If you knew the answers he would give you great fortune and fame. Well, this is not a fairy tale like Jack and the Beanstalk. My Golden Goose is the SkyBuddy.

Some of the top leaders have recorded an amazing conference call with special guest speaker Paul Schneider, Founder and President of SkyBuddy.

You can listen and find out directly about the latest developments and the last stage of Pay Per View commercials how to get 100% comissions.

MP3 version

Our Team of Hope can only plant the seeds. There are no riddles here...just basic answers.

It does not help us to say, "I’m not interested in playing games on the internet."
But the internet giant is so huge that IT is willing to share its fortune with people who are open enough to receive it. Don’t close the door thinking selfishly, “Well it’s not about MY parade.”

You have to realize that the Internet Explosion has never been about you or me or anyone person, except maybe for Mark Zuckerberg…and look at what his belief system has brought him. It’s just a smart decision to participate in this great production of wealth, especially when you don't have to be a technical wizard.

The internet's favorite program is called SkyBuddy. It combines 3 powerful industries: entertainment, advertising and social media. Are you going to pretend they’re not relevant or just ignore their popularity?

Stupid is as stupid does but I will not miss out the friendly Interne't giant's huge potentail income!

I can answer these questions...can you?

1. How many people play games online? How many of these people do you want playing games on your site?

2. What industry surpasses the movie and music industries combined and generates the most wealth, according to Google? Don’t you want some of those profits?

3. Why are Pay Per View commercials so popular and lucrative for site owners? Wouldn’t you want to to get paid up to $2 a view by hundreds of people daily?

4. How does Advergaming work by combining advertising and entertainment with an auto-pilot marketing system? Why is it a superior way to market your business, profession or product even better than the Yellow Pages?

5. Why is a Network Marketing a superior business model to earn some serious income? Why are fortunes possible with a 2 Step Success Plan? Think about this for a few minutes...a 2 Step Success Plan. Who can't do this?

Do you really care about these answers? Does it matter whether you participate or not?
If you are curious or interested, check out this new website for answers and more.

You are also invited to tune into Live SkyBuddy Webinars:
Afternoon - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 12:00PM - Noon Central USA Time.
Evening - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights at 8:00PM Central USA Time
Go to

We hope to see you there and get more questions answered.

This is a note from our Team of Hope:

"SkyBuddy is booming but we have not seen anything yet. One vendor alone has $5.7 billion inventory of commercials. How many people do want playing your games making YOU money?

Our vision is to help 500+ people earn a $30,000 car bonus in 2012. Any body willing to put in the effort to make that a reality for his or her family?"

I'M ALL IN! How about you?
Do you like what the Internet Giant is doing for you?

Standing by to share the Internet Giant's Fortune,
Jessie and Annemaire
Team of Hope

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Sandy Blomstrom    1364 day(s) ago
Thanks, Jessie! Sounds interesting and we will need to look more closely.
Michelle Hoffmann   1364 day(s) ago
This sounds interesting... I'll have to take a look at it :) BTW... great blog with great information! Thanks for sharing!
Alessandro Olivieri   1364 day(s) ago
Thanks for the many information
Ally Stewart   1374 day(s) ago
Hi Jessie. This is a fantastic and very persausive blog. I have seen this before but will take another look.
Frazer Lazell   1383 day(s) ago
Great blog and lots of info thanks.

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