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The Akea Story
The Akea Story

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The company’s founders began with a very basic core philosophy.
If you want to build a successful football team, start by studying organizations like the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers. If you want to build a successful automobile company, start by studying companies like Toyota, BMW and Mercedes Benz.

If you want to achieve optimal health, what better way than by embracing the habits of those who live healthier and longer than anyone on the planet!
Akea researched thousands of years of the human experience to determine how and why people live healthier. To uncover the traits, behaviors, diets and lifestyle choices that support healthier, longer lives. And we found them.

Discovering the wisdom of living well.
Based on extensive study, Akea identified the foremost factors that contribute to health and longevity. In remote corners of the world, across the globe, and for thousands of years, a handful of cultures have mastered the art of living well. In these few extraordinary places, diseases are rare, sickness is infrequent, vitality is abundant and life expectancies of 90 and 100 years are common. These are Longevity Hot Spots where life is simpler, happier, and above all, healthier.

Creating the experience of a lifetime, for a lifetime.
Partnering with some of the world’s most renowned experts, we pioneered a wellness program based on the lifestyle characteristics common to the people in longevity hot spots. If there is a single lesson we learned from those who are living well, it is this one: The quality of our lives depends on the “whole” of our living. Our environment, our social connections, what we eat, and how we spend our time all influence how healthy or unhealthy we are. This program is a guide, a roadmap, a passport to better living. It is your BluePrint for LifeTM ….. an indisputable way to change the “wholeness” of your life for the better. It will empower you to take responsibility and give you more control over how long—and how well—you live.

Assembling the best wellness ideas from around the world all in one place.
We have created a place where people can hold the keys to health, vitality and longevity in their hands…..a community of vitality and empowerment…..a community of wellness. Yet this community isn’t on a map. Akea is a dynamic online community created for any individuals wanting to improve their lives. It’s where you can share your mutual quest to live longer and better. Where you can join in exploring the best possible ways to improve your health and the lives of your family and friends. To uncover the secrets to a long, full life, and pursue a purpose and passion for better living.

What’s in a name?
Our name, Akea, comes from the Sardinian greeting that means, “May you live well for 100 years.” That’s our cause, and we invite you to join us.

Your journey begins now.
Thousands of people around the world live happier, healthier, more vibrant lives because of the simple choices they make each and every day. You can too. Make a commitment today to embrace the Akea BluePrint for Life. Become inspired and empowered, improve the way you live, share your wellness journey with others, and secure a healthy, rewarding future for years to come. Join in. And start living the life you deserve. Welcome to the Akea Life!

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