posted on: 3/31/2012 3:29:43 AM EST
Social Media Marketing No-Nos
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There is not a standard list of rights and wrongs when it comes to social media, but there is one thing that is constant: no matter what industry you are in, do it badly and you will destroy your reputation within the social media realm. You can save your reputation by minding your manners.

Social Media Marketing No-Nos

1.It's not all about you, interact. Get to know others; don't just try to sell and promote your products. It won't work.

2.Spamming is not ok, ever. It's true that spamming is becoming a problem in the social media networks, and we are being required to weed through it, just like we do in our email inboxes. Don't spam followers; if they didn't ask for it, don't send it. It's that simple! Permission marketing is key.

3.Inconsistency will lead to failure. You must be consistent when it comes to using social media. Participating once a month or once a week just won't get the results you desire.

4.Don't be a social media snob. Obviously social marketing is about being social; be willing to learn from others, and this isn't just about others in your industry.

5.Want followers? You will have to be a follower. Just like you can't open a storefront and think that customers will just show up, you cannot sign up and start off in social media thinking everyone is just going to come and follow you. You must be a follower. Social marketing isn't about flying solo, participate.
It's important to realize that social media marketing does work, but as with any marketing strategy, there are the core pieces of that strategy that you must implement. You must find the right social media marketing vehicles that will work for you and your industry, as well as design the campaigns that will present you with the results that you desire. It is a low to no-cost marketing option, but you will need to invest your time. If you are not willing to do that, consider selecting another marketing option or outsourcing your social media marketing with a company that can help you create and implement your social media marketing strategy. If you decide to outsource, just be sure to select a company or a consultant that has an idea of what they are doing.

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