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Is Vitel Wireless a Wise Financial Choice for Network Marketer?
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Too many companies not enough opportunities

All too often there are a half dozen of new network marketing companies launching or in pre-launch every month but very few new product or service opportunities. But when a company does emerge and provides a new product or introduces a main stream service to the network marketing industry that was once unavailable, the industry is looking at a potential game changer for network marketers who decide to sign on with that company.

In the last three years we have seen many network marketing companies attempt to tap in to the wireless industry; an industry known for its competitive nature as the market shrinks with mergers and new second tier pre-paid service providers emerge. This attempt by network marketing entrepreneurs is a clear sign of an inability to see in which sector of the wireless industry a profit can be made without having to sell a cell phone or wireless service on the front end.

An opportunity seen and seized upon

It only takes vision and an understanding of an industry to see and seize an opportunity and that is exactly what Larry Rogers CEO and Co- Founder of Vi- Tel wireless and Vi-Tel Business Solution did when he launched Vi-Tell Wireless in 2010.

Looking at the wireless industry from a customer service perspective, Larry Rogers saw that there was a part of the wireless industry being over look by the network marketing industry which was billing. So instead of building and marketing another wireless retailing business for network marketers, Larry Rogers decided to build a cell phone billing opportunity.

Vi-Tel beta tests prepaid debit cards

And as with ever great vision a new opportunity is born, so just a few weeks ago Vi-Tel started beta testing its prepaid debit card service along side the cell phone billing opportunity. According to recent research conducted by the Mercator Advisory Group consumers loaded 460 billion dollars on prepaid debit cards. And that figure is expected to grow by 50% to 685 billion dollars by 2016.

Although the wireless industry has not grow by a significant number of new post paid subscriber, prepaid subscribers continue to grow as more consumers switch from post paid to prepaid. This trend in the wireless industry is a result of higher fees and is occurring in the banking industry as well with more people switching to use prepaid debit cards from checking accounts and bank debit cards because of rising fees.

Catching a wave of trends

Success without a doubt is a matter of hard work, but is is also a matter of catching a wave of trends that turn into opportunities. Vit Tel is an opportunity riding a wave of consumer trends that affects us all. Learn more about Vit Tel Wireless now.

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Annemarie Berukoff   1359 day(s) ago
Wireless is an industry I know nothing about except it is a booming trend. Knowledgeable networkers can make serious profits in new developing industries. Certainly wish you much success. One of these days I'll get my first cell phone!
Kenneth Leon    1359 day(s) ago
Good blog. Keep up the good work.

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