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testosterone, lack of testosterne, erectile dysfunction, libido

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Sex hormones are crucial to the development and sexual differentiation of sexual organs, and in the sexual differentiation of the brain. Besides the impact on the development of male and female bodies, play an important role in the activation of sexual behavior.

Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone (androgen, from Gk. Word andros which means man), to a lesser extent are women. More than 95% of the hormones produced by Ledyg interstitial cells in the testes. The rest is produced in the adrenal glands and by transforming its enzymatic prohormone in peripheral tissues, all under the supervision of the pituitary and hypothalamus.
Men secrete very large amounts of testosterone, an average of 260 - 1000 nanograms per deciliter of blood plasma, and women 15-70 nanograms. His biological rhythm showed higher values ??in the morning period, with the highest levels between 6 and 8 in the morning and lower values ??in the afternoon and evening. And the more testosterone a man has,he is the more powerful, muscular, confident, militant and sexually powerful.
Shortly after puberty, testosterone causes the cessation of growth in height of the closure of epiphyseal growth centers. Still, throughout life after the end of development, libido, spermatogenesis, erection, as did the overall functioning of the male reproductive system, are under the direct influence of testosterone. Besides the physical effects, testosterone plays a significant role in the mental life of man.

Lack of testosterone can cause serious effects on the body, including: decreased energy, decreased muscle mass and strength, decreased cognitive function, reduced sexual interest and potency, depressed mood, etc. Changes of this hormone as a function of its age shows the maximum level between 18 and 35 year, which led to decreased excretion, and after his life 40.godine level decreases at a rate of 1% per year.

The main symptoms that occur in disorders of secretion of testosterone are:

weaker sex drive (libido),
erectile dysfunction,
feeling of depression and resentment,
chronic fatigue,
increase in body weight,
decrease in muscle mass while the proportion of body fat increases,
sleep disturbances, irritability, tension ...

Fortunately the lack of testosterone can be replaced by proper diet and supplements. The best-known dietary supplement that can help the tribulus terrestris

The plant Tribulus terrestris Bulgaricum grows wild in the area of ??the Caucasus, Central Asia and Bulgaria, where the plantations are grown for medicinal purposes. On these spaces are used in traditional medicine as a natural stimulant of sexual function in men and women, vitality and stamina, and speed recovery after increased efforts especially in athletes.

tribulus_terrestris can help:

- Increases libido (increases and prolongs the time of erection)

- Increasing the quantity and mobility of sperm and up to 35%

- Increases testosterone levels, and thus the level of muscle growth hormone

* Recommended for the reduced potency, impotence, hipotrofitestisa, sterility, aspermije, varicocele

Applying for women:

- Increases libido and regulates ovulation

-deducted from vasomotor symptoms that accompany menopause

- Reduces anxiety and apathy
* Recommended for frigidity, sterility andikrilnog and climacteric symptoms

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