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WowWe Autoresponder
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Another part of WowWe’s Ultimate Marketing System is the Autoresponder. You might say, “So? What’s the big deal about that?” This:

WowWe’s autoresponder is different than other similar tools since it is part of your back office and conveniently ties into your existing email groups. Plus, it allows you to create campaigns using video emails!

Eventually, this tool will be offered with both a “Pro” and “Lite” version. During our Beta period, there will be no charge for the WowWe autoresponder. Setting it up is easy:

From your WowWe back office:
1. Click on the large, green “Store” button
2. Scroll down and add the “Autoresponder” option to your cart
3. Select “Continue” and then “Check Out”
4. Once installed, go back to your Home screen and you’ll see the Autoresponder button now found on your home page. Be sure to click the green “Getting Started” link for a quick tutorial on how to create your first campaign.

Again, there currently will be no charge for the WowWe autoresponder while we are in this “beta” phase. However, we do want you to fully use this product and provide your feedback.

Judith Osowski
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Sigurd Skeie   1447 day(s) ago
WowWe is a interesting and good system. And the Article you put out here even show more how great it is. Sharing and recommanding It. Sig

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