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American Bill Money Mini Review From Brad Kamanski
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As the first week unfolds for my participation in the American Bill Money program at this point I would say that I am real impressed with the program so far. The enrollment process was easy and flawless. The morning I called customer support I dialed in five minutes early and got the answering machine. Before I could call back the Owner of American Bill Money called me and welcomed me to the program. He was ready with my customer ID# which was exactly what I needed since I had already placed the program on ALL my blogs! A little like putting the cart before the horse but knew the staff would have easily figured it out had the blogs created any sign ups! They are that good! Excellent customer service!

Now, the next few days I waited for my Starter Kit to arrive by Priority Mail and on Friday I was not disappointed. Everything arrived right on time and with the exception of the Postal Clerk cramming a two pound package into a one pound receptacle I was very excited! (Government Employees) Nuff said! The postcards are beautiful! The business cards are magnificent! The 150 leads were supplied by what looks like three or four different vendors which should give me a good cross section of the country. I put the labels and the stamps on the cards, threw them in the mailbox and headed for Las Vegas for the weekend! Am I impressed with American Bill money? You better believe it! And since it is mostly an offline program I know it will duplicate easily. And that is what we ALL dream of is duplication. When you get a chance go to my blog and have a look at American Bill Money. I know you'll love it! Have a great week!

Brad Kamanski

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