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Happy Mothers Day
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A mother is born in that very moment
a child becomes her own.
And her heart begins to overflow
with a love she has never known.

Her focus changes instantly
as her heart beats for another.
It will never be the same again.
It's the powerful heart of a mother!

It's a heart of incredible courage
with strength and endurance too.
She fiercely protects and defends her young
in ways only she can do.

She sacrifices "self" to give
her children what they need,
developing their character
to make sure that they succeed.

Just like a lovely gardener
she plants her seeds of love.
Her heart gives lots of sunshine
like blessings from above.

She provides a firm foundation...
a peaceful, loving home
So her children's roots run deep and strong
no matter where they roam.

With a heart that nurtures them along
to grow in the right direction
She allows them freedom to blossom and thrive
under her wise protection.

They're prepared to face the storms of life,
as they learn to stand alone.
She gives them a sense of value and strength
with a confidence of their own.

There's a special beauty in a Mother's love
She's a picture of wisdom and grace
We honor her with gratitude...

No one can take her place!

Happy Mothers Day

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Nice one - will be shared

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4/5/2014  There is no Magic Pill
4/5/2014  So if it's not my sponsor or upline who is it?
4/4/2014  The only thing we regret Is not starting sooner
4/4/2014  Whats In Your Email
4/3/2014  The Proof is not in the Pudding It Is In The Program!
4/3/2014  Satistics show that many won't even read this PR!
4/2/2014  Excited People
4/1/2014  Are you on the "Anti-Wealth" Plan?
4/1/2014  Come see how we make the money!
3/31/2014  Putting a face on your business
3/31/2014  Documentation Beats Conversation Everytime.
3/30/2014  An Amazing Story
3/30/2014  More Satisfied Team Members
3/29/2014  Having great support team and leadership in place
3/29/2014  So Much Success For Our Team Members This what makes me Happy!
3/28/2014  We can't Make this Stuff! You must show up!
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3/26/2014  The Fortune Is In The Follow-Up!
3/26/2014  Sometimes You Really Have To See For Yourself!
3/25/2014   Free Or Cheap Advertising Ideas
3/25/2014  Online Promotion Tips
3/24/2014  Network Marketing Your Biggest Business Ally in the 21st Century
3/24/2014  Learn How to Avoid Distractions When Working From Home
3/23/2014  22 Insider Tips To Working From Home Successfully Part 1
3/23/2014  How to invest now for future profits
3/22/2014  A Small Guide To Free Advertising Part 2
3/22/2014  A Small Guide To Free Advertising Part1
3/21/2014  Persist until you win
3/21/2014  DEAL OF THE DAY
3/20/2014  Some will, some won't. So what?! Someone's waiting! Next!
3/20/2014  March Madness
3/19/2014  Don't be a negative thinker
3/19/2014  Don't major in minors! Use Tools!
3/18/2014  The big funnel
3/18/2014  Think BIG!
3/17/2014  Send praise down (and criticism up)
3/15/2014  Focus Focus Focus
3/15/2014  Winning starts with beginning
3/14/2014  Have a plan (a realistic plan)
3/14/2014  Set goals...and publish them!
3/13/2014  Open your eyes to your potential
3/13/2014  Leaders are readers
3/12/2014  YOU make it happen, no one else
3/12/2014  YOU succeed only if THEY succeed
3/11/2014  "You don't lead by lip service, you lead by example.
3/11/2014  Do something to grow your business every day
3/10/2014  We all have heard this before, but why don't so many people do it
3/10/2014  Work with your workers
3/9/2014  Leichmaniasis,Keratosis, Ionic Silver
3/9/2014  Overnight success...NOT!
3/8/2014  How much can I make?
3/8/2014  Sell Your Products and Services Here
3/7/2014  Great Testimonals
3/7/2014  County saves 2,5 Million Dollars
3/6/2014  Who can Turn Their Back On A Sick Child?
3/6/2014  Do You Have Time to Build A Residual Income Business? Or Is it al
3/5/2014  Yuck Mouth
3/5/2014  Fleas on your Pet!
3/3/2014  Cancer victims Testimonial! Wife Given only 30 days to Live
3/3/2014  Leaky Gut/Liver
3/1/2014  Allergies / Asthma / Res
3/1/2014  In my opinion!
2/27/2014  Chicken Pox and Shingles!
2/26/2014  Bedsores ,Bladder Infection
2/26/2014  Dengue fever , Cyst
2/25/2014  Do you want to sell more products online it's free!
2/25/2014  Part 2 Of What In Your Vaccine
2/24/2014  What Is In Your Vaccine Part 1
2/24/2014  A Press Release I truly Hope You Review!
2/23/2014  The Next Time You Treat A Burn!
2/23/2014  Canker Sores
2/22/2014  Just Another Great Product
2/22/2014  Why Elixir Blast
2/21/2014  Dental Whitening!
2/21/2014  The Most Affordable & Healthy Products Part 2
2/20/2014  Part 2! The Best Heath Care Products In My Opinion
2/20/2014  The most affordable Health Products anywhere!
2/19/2014  Failure Quotes Part 2
2/19/2014  Quotes on Failure
2/18/2014  The 3 E's
2/18/2014  Coffee Receipe 3
2/17/2014  Coffee Enema Recipe 2
2/17/2014  The Coffee Enema for Liver Detoxification
2/16/2014  Bladder Infection
2/16/2014  Cavities and Burns
2/14/2014  Dementia what can we do?
2/13/2014  Vibration Part 2
2/13/2014  Are you in tune with your Vibrations? Part 1
2/12/2014  Come Plank With Me!
2/12/2014  Black History Month
2/11/2014  Fragrances they are all around us!
2/11/2014  Food to Avoid Part 2
2/10/2014  Food to Avoid Part 1
2/10/2014  Join Our Health Movement!
2/7/2014   Are You A Johnny?
2/7/2014  Salt, Is It Good For You?
2/6/2014  Nasty Ole Depression
2/6/2014  Good vs. Evil & Gossip
2/5/2014  Why we made the switch It Just Made Sense
2/5/2014  Startling! Why I never Drink Out Of Cans!
2/4/2014   Colitis / Irritable Bowel Syndrome / Diverticulitis
2/4/2014  Coincidence True Story
2/3/2014  25 Parasites
2/3/2014  Artery Disease
2/2/2014  Malaria and Mercury Poison
2/2/2014  Lyme Disease 3
2/1/2014  Lyme Disease Part 2
2/1/2014  Lyme Disease
1/31/2014  Ladies Your Handbags
1/31/2014  Grandma’s Hands
1/30/2014  Fatty Liver
1/30/2014  Coffee Bean Extract! Lose a pound a week Naturally!
1/29/2014  Neutra-Cleanse Digestive Support Capsule
1/29/2014  What Is Ionic Silver?
1/28/2014  Cell Phones & Cigarettes: Cavities
1/28/2014  Cataract is the world’s leading cause of blindness
1/25/2014  The Race – A Poem
1/25/2014  Candida what can be done
1/24/2014  Candida Part 3
1/24/2014  Candida Part 2
1/23/2014  The more you know about Candida the Better!
1/23/2014  You Can Change your Health Natrually!
1/22/2014  The 4 L's
1/22/2014  Help with Kidney Disease
1/21/2014  Drugs / Surgery
1/21/2014  Can you love more?
1/20/2014  Your Diet Is It In Tact?
1/20/2014  Rosacea, Body Odor
1/19/2014  Your Colon get cleaned why not your blood!
1/19/2014  What are BPA'S
1/18/2014  What is pitting edema?
1/18/2014  What is Edema
1/17/2014   BAKING SODA – Used to raise urine pH (Alkalinize)
1/16/2014  Cancer is actually one of the easiest diseases to beat!
1/15/2014  If it says “sugar free” don’t touch it. Part 2 Sweet Posion
1/15/2014  If it says “sugar free” don’t touch it. Part 1
1/14/2014  Your Appendix did you know?
1/14/2014  Anti-Viral & Antibiotic Alternative
1/9/2014  Time Time Time
1/8/2014  Why BidRx Is becoming a Household Name!
1/8/2014  Blood Circulation
1/7/2014  Were a bidding for your prescription medicine!
1/6/2014  Prescription Medicine Creating Big Time 1000aires
1/5/2014  Vaccines whats in them?
1/5/2014  Your Morning
1/4/2014  Law Of Return
1/4/2014  Kidney Cleanse
1/3/2014  Product / Food Labels
1/2/2014  Salt- Many Uses For
1/2/2014  Want to Grow Your Business? It Needs to be Fundable
10/23/2013  Absolutely Gauranteed Weight Loss
10/20/2013  How we help so many earn daily income!
8/29/2013  Can Cancer Cause Candida?
8/26/2013  Why Something Unique
8/12/2013  Many People think that 3 to 5 years is a very long time to wait t
8/9/2013  Why This Industry Is A Gold Mine
8/9/2013  This Industry is a 500 Billion Dollar A Year Industry
8/8/2013  Anti-Tumor
8/8/2013  Antibiotic Alternative
8/7/2013  MSG Poison
8/7/2013  Gastritis and Gas
8/3/2013  Fevers Bacteria, viruses, mold
8/3/2013  Oil Swishing
8/2/2013  Magnesium, Did you know it did all this
8/2/2013  Perfection
8/1/2013  Which do you prefer?
8/1/2013  Chronic Fatigue
7/31/2013  I saw it happen!
7/30/2013  Human Papilloma Virus
7/27/2013  Attracting Millionaires
7/25/2013  Get a taste of this……..
7/24/2013  20 Things The Rich Do Every Day
7/24/2013  If it says “sugar free” don’t touch it.
7/22/2013  Pink Eye and Mouth
7/21/2013  Negativity One day, a lady
7/21/2013  Getting your morning off to a good start
7/20/2013  Joy – The Message Behind Joy To Live
7/18/2013  God vs. Science
7/18/2013  Cell Phones / WIFI/ Cilantro
7/17/2013  The Example
7/16/2013  Bentonite Clay, Do you really know what is inside you?
7/14/2013  Fragrances Take A Sniff
7/13/2013  True Story:
7/13/2013  Customer Service – True Story ~ Barbara Glanz
7/12/2013  Eyes – Restore Eyesight
7/11/2013  Eyes – Reduce Eyestrain
7/9/2013  Checking In Today
7/9/2013  Food / Soils
7/5/2013  EMF / Electromagnetic Frequencies
7/4/2013  Free Product Sample And Brochure
7/4/2013  Appreciation One day ,the father
7/1/2013  Beautiful story that makes you understand that things happen for
6/30/2013  Friendship In Life
6/30/2013  Castor Oil
6/29/2013  Burnsoccurfromthesun,radiation,x-rays,fire,heat,
6/29/2013  Acid / Alkaline
6/28/2013  HowToHearGod’sVoice
6/26/2013  Health Care Products Why In My Opinion Theses are The Best
6/25/2013  Help With Leg Cramps
6/15/2013  TheLemonadeDiet:
6/11/2013  Success comes by helping others!
6/8/2013  The Best of Network Marketing
6/8/2013  Why Relationship Marketing?
6/7/2013  How To Review A Opportunity
6/6/2013  TheExtraDegree
6/5/2013  Drugs/Surgery
6/5/2013  How to stop cough in 5 minutes
6/4/2013  Acne attacks people of all ages
6/3/2013  That Little Thingy
6/2/2013  Smoking Smoking Smoking
6/1/2013  Anxiety Anxiety
5/31/2013  Them Bones Them Bones
5/30/2013  Ant and the Contact Lens: a true story
5/30/2013  The 3 B's Buzzard – Bat – Bumblebee
5/29/2013  Angels ,I was driving home from a meeting
5/28/2013  Great Folk Remedy at bottom of PR
5/25/2013  Even if you never join me in business
5/16/2013  Failure - Inspirational Quotes
5/15/2013  Indigestion Also called dyspepsia
5/14/2013  Cause of Disease Two-time Nobel Prize-winning doctor, Otto Warbu
5/13/2013  Fevers Bacteria, viruses, mold, foreign pathogens
5/13/2013  Lose A Pound A Week Doing This Obesity is preventable!
5/12/2013  Warts are usually viral infections
5/12/2013  A Needle Can Save The Life Of A Stroke Victim – Chinese Professor
5/11/2013  Hydrogen is a very important element in human health
5/11/2013  Sinus Congestion – including nasal,
5/10/2013  Pink Eye, Bacterial conjunctivitis is a common type of pink eye
5/10/2013  Joy To Live
5/9/2013  If you have ever heard the name Bill Britt
5/9/2013  Anti-Bacterial When found on the skin
5/8/2013  Anemia also spelled anæmia
5/8/2013  I am often ask what does 22 mean?
5/7/2013  PMS / Menstrual / Hot Flashes
5/7/2013  The Benefit of Drinking Water:
5/6/2013  It is a scientific fact that “fluorine
5/6/2013  Slow circulation is a common problem
5/5/2013  Garlic can be taken many ways.
5/5/2013  The Extra Degree
5/4/2013  Joy To Live Testimonial
5/3/2013  Energy, It has long been recognized that nutrition
5/3/2013  Bad breath is usually caused by bacteria
5/1/2013  Bones can have a number of problems
5/1/2013  Urinary Tract Infections
4/30/2013  Osteoporosis is a condition that affects the bones
4/30/2013  Eye Health and Eyes – Home Remedy
4/29/2013  Salt Water Flush
4/29/2013  Joints, and Pain
4/28/2013  Your spleen is an organ above your stomach
4/27/2013  Migraines Constipation and Migraine headache or pain going down
4/27/2013  What is Fulvia?
4/26/2013  Alzheimer’s, It affects memory
4/25/2013  Vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar
4/25/2013  Hypertension / High Blood Pressure
4/24/2013  Healthy Adrenal Glands.
4/24/2013  Liver Disease
4/23/2013  Inflammation and Swelling
4/22/2013  Diabetes, We Do Not Have To Die
4/21/2013  Anti-Aging
4/18/2013  Breathing Exercises For Great Health
4/18/2013  Yeast, Women Did You Know?
4/13/2013  Would you like to have your Health And Vigor Back
4/10/2013  Sponsorship
4/9/2013  Are You Overweight Amazing? What Honey and Cinnamon Can Do
4/9/2013  Joy And Health... What does it really mean?
1/9/2013  Think you can't afford A Doctor? Think Again!
1/7/2013  Free Health Care Benefit Helping Thousands!
11/17/2012  What does Dr. Oz say about Raspberry Ketones
11/13/2012  There is no excuse not to have a doctor!
9/21/2012  Closing Leads
9/11/2012  How I built a business to over 300 people in 12 months
9/7/2012  Are you spending the best years of your life as captives?
9/7/2012  I am a carrier pigeon I deliver important messages
9/3/2012  Michael Clarke Duncan dead at 54
9/1/2012  People ask why us
8/31/2012  Is Post Card Marketing Dead
8/31/2012  GoToMeeting vs. Join.Me for Web Conferencing
8/28/2012  Find A Need Fill A Void Get Wealthy
8/27/2012  By actually reading others people blog I have prospered
8/26/2012  By actually reading others people blog I will prosper
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8/20/2012  How to earn residual Income for life!
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1/27/2012  Finish Strong
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1/21/2012  Golden Rule for Women
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