posted on: 8/31/2011 11:11:54 PM EST
Importance of having a workout partner!
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You've heard it before "In business for yourself, but not by yourself." This is such a true statement in the network marketing industry. You are not alone. Everyone is locked arm to arm and shoulder to shoulder. The success of each individual holds value in everyone involved in the business (whatever that business might be). No one wants to see anyone esle fail! There are always others willing to lend a helping hand, pass on priceless information, and mentor you along your journey to success. It's one big family where excitement and joy is shared and celebrated whether small accomplishments or great accomplishments. What a powerful display of teamwork! There is a bond that is created in an environment where everyone cares about your scuccess. It is through such bonds we develop relationships of accountability. If not exercised, you will have a difficult time trying to stay the course.

An accountability partner will assist you in building your business when it seems like all that could go wrong does. He or she will be a source of encouragement as well as a guide enabling you to realize the mistakes being made or a better way to approach a certain situation. The advice can be more valuable than any amount of money acquired (there are just some things that are worth more than money itself). They get the inside look into your dreams and aspirations. They know what makes you tick and why your 'WHY' is as big or as small as it is. They show up at your kids birthday parties. They are there when a love one dies (if not able to be there flowers and (or) cards are sent) to console you and offer support. You trust them with your finances, you trust them around your children, and you trust them around your spouse. Hence, it is obvious to conclude there is tremedous importance in having a workout partner.

If you do not yet have someone you are on that level with, it is highly suggested you start to look to establish a relationship of this kind. It will ensure your success and make the road that much sweeter. Who wants to travel the road to the top alone? It's lonely at the top if you have no one you're familiar with there alongside you to celebrate. When you have your partner smiling or brought to tears, hanging on to you with a firm hug, with a crackling voice saying "we've finally made it, we made it, there are no words to describe such an emotional response. Can you see it? If not, why not? In business, we all need someone who will be there with us and for us. We all need someone we can depend on no matter what. Batman had Robin, the Lone Ranger had Tonto, and Abbott had Costello. Partner up and enjoy the benefits such a relationship will bring!

Keefer Jack

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