posted on: 9/20/2011 9:37:40 PM EST
Why people quit on themselves
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The title says it all! People want to better themselves (well, most do) that's not the problem. The problem is how many people start off this way but fizzle out before getting to the top of the mountain. The valley can be a very challenging place. It can be a place where time may be viewed as if it has been brought to a stand still or moving rather slowly. It can be a place where the vulnerable are victimized by the predators and the wounded are left unhealed. The valley is always before the mountain top. Everyone has to go through the valley before experiencing the joy and satisfaction of arriving at that place you can shout from that over looks everything you've gone through and be able to say with relief "I made it through, I did it!" While this sounds good, the resounding question still sits in the center of life's table "Why do people quit on themselves?"

People often quit on themselves because they don't consider the cost before getting started. Everyone must examine there own inner self and weigh all pros and cons before jumping into anything, especially a new job, career, or starting a business. If married, he or she must have the support of the other. It's hard going through the valley while the spouse is in your ear with less than encouraging words. This could make the journey up the mountain quite difficult (mildly put).

Sometimes people will quit because others have quit. It's easy to throw in life's white towel in the ring of frustration and difficulties when an opportunity to do so is before you. It's almost as if the ticket has been stamped with justifyable approval when someone quits first. Have you heard it before? I know I have! "They won't do anything so I won't either, I quit!" Well, if people quit on themselves should you quit on yourself? I personally wouldn't allow someone to have that kind of power over my own choices and future.

There are times when people quit on themselves because they lean on their own feelings. They start to look at the external through the lens of criticism. This could be brought on by the lack of support from their upper leadership (example: MLM an upline) or from the success of others who 'do the work'. While an upline may seem too busy to assist at times, there must be more on the inside that allows that person(s) to keep grinding out regardless of what the external obstacles may be. These people don't hold the keys to your ultimate success, you do! Everything hinges on the final reason people quit on themselves (this certainly is not an exhaustive list of reasons).

People quit on themselves because what motivates them is not bigger than the things that cause them to give up. There 'WHY' is not big enough! This is the fuel that keeps the engine moving! It is the anticipated celebration that awaits patiently its moment to shout out in gratitude and jubilation! It is the constant reminder of the children's college tuition, the freedom to be at every event the children have at school, vacation time without having to rush to get back home, wealth building that last for generations to come, the late mornings sleeping in without having to get up and be in the flow of busy traffic. How big is your 'WHY'? If it's big enough, you couldn't quit even if you felt like it!

If your 'WHY' is big enough, join me in this amazing opportunity to build lasting wealth! (Watch the videos attentively and follow the instructions)
Keefer Jack

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