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Hidden Leaks Can Cause Black Mold Growth
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In talking with a health professional, she brought up her fear of hidden black mold. Hidden black mold is one of the worst things for a family and the home. In one case the family got the leak fixed but it was done improperly and the black mold grew and spread. The son develop type 1 diabetes. Another had sever vertigo and had to be carried to the bathroom. Every person had a health problem. They saw many doctors who could not come up with a diagnosis. The doctors suggested a psychiatrist.
The family finally had a mold testing business test their home. Essentially the house was inhavbitable and they moved. They put down their 2 dogs to be on the safe side. They lost their dream home and the black mold definetley affected their health. Here is a video of the complete story. Watch it, it is hard to believe what happened.
The contractor's failure to properly fix the leak meant that the black mold spread and family was unaware. There was no opportunity to kill the mold. It is absolutely vital that leaks be fixed properly and promptly. Check your roof and basement often for leaks. Failure to do so can mean black mold.
Hearing people's stories is important. It validates that there are major health problems associated with mold exposure. I have enclosed a brief summary of the mold associated illnesses that I have due to the dreaded biotoxic reaction to mold. Most of us have heard stories or know someone that can't figure out how to kill mold or are worried because their child's asthma does not improve with medicine. That is a legitimate worry.
If you have not dehumdified your basement with a basement dehumdifier, you have mold.

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Angela Valadez   989 day(s) ago
Thanks for sharing about Black Mold deadly. It's the worst type of mold. Thanks for sharing. Liked and Shared.

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