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Controlling your Fears!
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Facts About Fears

Fear exists in everyone of us. Weather it is fear of achieving a goal that you have or a fear of being successful. We all have some type of fear. Here is a pattern in which lead can create to one's life, by John C. Maxwell:

Fear breeds inaction;

Inaction leads to lack of experiences;

Lack of experience fosters ignorance; and

Ignorance breeds fear.


Fear equals Procrastination

Fear causes procrastination. J Maxwell

You ever notice that when we are bottled up with fear we find every excuse in the world to not proceed as planned with our goal. It could be that it started raining out side so you can't go for your daily run, or  you're eating sweets because you felt the need for energy, knowing that you are trying to lose weight.

Why do we procrastinate? The only thing that procrastination does is limit us to succeed. It divides our focus on the reality at hand. Fear can make you feel like you are the only one in the world with the issue of moving forward. There has got to be a way to over come this fear, but how and when?

Face your FEARS

How do you overcome your fears and eliminate the "procrastination" that is inhibiting you from succeeding? There are ways to overcome your fears, but why waste time avoiding it or running from it all together, because doing that, your fear will never go away. It's time to face the facts and face your fears. It is the only way to overcome what is holding you back.

Step 1. Admit that you have fears.

Admitting that you have an issue with a problem is one way to get started with facing your fears. You are being one with the issue and you have to know that this issue is what is causing the problem for you. Admit to that. It's almost like admitting to an addiction. You want to succumb to your addiction but don't see the harm or problem it's causing until it get worse. Don't let your fear become that addiction. Admit what your problem is and then accept it.

Step 2. Accepting your Fear.

Yes accept the fact that your fear is the issue and move forward with overcoming it. So move on. It will not be easy by far and it will uncover challenges along the way. Does that mean you need to stop? Of course not. Find ways to get over those hurdles and keep moving until you reach your finish line.

In all, you learned that fear comes in all shapes and sizes, yet it is up to us to either run from fear or face. Running from fear can only lead to more stress, heartache, misery, ignorance and what ever feeling you will get when fear arises. Don't let this be you. Admit to your fears and accept it in order to move on and overcome them. I leave you with a quote from Dr. Susan Jeffries who stated, "As long as I continue to stretch my capabilities, as long as I continue to take risks in making my dreams come true, I am going to experience fear!"


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Krystle Shaw   951 day(s) ago
Thank you everyone for your comments!
Bobby Patterson   953 day(s) ago
Great insight on fear in this press release.
Bill Bateman     953 day(s) ago
False Evidence Appearing Real that's one of my favorites You "nailed" it. Thanks for a well written - thoughtful post
Ron Bagley   953 day(s) ago
Well written Krystle and thanks for the useful message. Shared
Keddrick Tucker   953 day(s) ago
Fear simply is a choice. You can choose to run from your fears or you can choose to be the lion and run towards the fear! In the end, it is still a choice. Great post Krystle and tweeted it. Have an awesome 4th!

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