posted on: 1/4/2012 2:56:36 PM EST
From humble beginnings
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Just wanted to share with everyone, especially newbies on how I got started in freebie trading and how much I enjoy it. When I still reflect on it, it amazes me how much just one single event can change a person's life and I always wonder if that event hadn't occurred if I will be doing freebie trading at all, let alone on this forum.
It all started in July when I was actively looking for legitimate ways to supplement my income. I had done plenty on research online, but will either never find one or came up with results that promised to make people tons of money in a short amount of time. To say the least, I almost gave up on pursuing additional income online. But then I landed on blog that was listing legitimate online jobs that one can make income from and learned about project payday. Although still skeptical, I registered with the site and was taken aback by the wealth of information provided and so decided to read and was very thrilled and anxious to get started and finally thought to myself: "there are actually legitimate ways to make money". To cut the long story short, I was soon matched up with a mentor and directed to come to 1st degree freebies. My mentor contacted me immediately and I was excited to see what the forum looked like. Upon registering, I was amazed at the forum's design, along with the wealth of information provided and that was available for newbies like me at that time. However this is where it gets interesting. I was so overwhelmed and confused on how to start and also all the reading I had to do that I abandoned the forum (meaning I decided to come back at another convenient time to do more research).
Now I am pretty sure everyone remembers the horrific hurricane that made it's way to the eastcoast. That was in the last weekend of August. Because of this a lot of stores including the store I work at and public transportation was shut down and so therefore I was forced to stay at home the entire weekend. Who knew (Certainly not that an unfortunate hurricane that devastated many was going to be the beginning of sunny days for me.
That weekend I remembered that I had signed onto this forum a month ago and so decided to do some more reading and begin posting to know the members and boost my reputation. That was all I needed to day on a consistent basis and now I am proud to say that my achievements that I have as of 11/01/11 include: being one of only four members with 10,000+ posts[achieved in only 2 months], 20 TR, becoming a mentor and most importantly have made great supplemental income and I am enjoying every last minute of my experience here at 1df.
So to the newbie who may be overwhelmed on your first day here at the forum, I will definitely advise you to take your time and explore the forum as much as possible, especially the "Getting Started/Informational subforum". You also then want to certainly READ and UNDERSTAND board/forum rules and trading rules as much as possible before getting started. This is a very simple industry to work in, and thought it may seem complicated at first, you will see that once you are conscience of rules and get the hang of trading, you wouldn't want to stop and may even consider doing it a lot more than you intended to.. I know I am! So work at your own pace, be Patient (another golden advise) and watch that paypal stack up!
Best Wishes,
- Derek

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Judith Osowski   1493 day(s) ago
It looks like your persistence paid off Derek! Thank you for sharing.
Derek Ntiamoah   1493 day(s) ago
True success story!

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