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Lead Generation - The Sticky Note Campaign
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Lets admit it - the rise and/or fall of any Home Based Business, Network Marketing, or MLM business is a combination of sales and team expansion. But, most tell you the first thing to do is sell to your "Warm Market". The problem is that as soon as you start promoting to your "warm market" they rapidly become your E.B.F. - ex best friends. They just don't see what you saw, get what you got, and opt out as quickly as possible and then avoid every future encounter with you.

There has to be a better way. There are several and here I'm going to give you just one - the Sticky Note Campaign. It is one of my favorite and most rewarding lead generation methods.

If, you want to generate leads, have a limited budget, but, have a semi reliable memory, this lead generation method is for you, and it is simple enough for even people like me.

1. Buy a stack of 3" by 3" 3M Sticky Notes - I prefer the fluorescent colors, but, not too dark as you will want your black ink to show through.
2. Order a 1" by 1 1/2" self inking stamp. My most successful one says - Making what you're worth - that's your business. Not making what you're worth - that's my business. Lets talk. Lee then I give my google voice mail phone number.

I think its important that the return call go to your google voice so you don't have dinner in your mouth when you answer the phone, haven't just discussed why your son can't have the car tonight, etc. when you talk to your prospect. You get to choose when you return the call - always a plus in my book.

So, now you have the parts. Place the sticky portion of the pad on the left (not the top) and stamp each page twice - top 1/2 and bottom 1/2. Then when you cut it into 2 sticky notes - they stick from the left side. All you have to do now is go to town. Set a goal - if you really want to boost your MLM / Home Based Business / Network Marketing Business - you should put at least 50 - 100 of these out every day.

Where did I put mine yesterday?
RedBox video order screen
Drive through screen at a local fast food restaurant
Bathroom mirror of a restaurant
menu of a restaurant
handle of a shopping cart in grocery store
inside magazines (dealing with home based business) at the local book store
Inside the free Job Listings outside the restaurant
On the receipt when I paid for dinner at the restaurant - target is the waiter/waitress

I am quite sure you can expand on this list.

What I really really like about this is - if you are planning on joining a Home Based Business or MLM or Network Marketing Business at some point in the future, this is generic - you can start on it now - at least assembling the pieces and be ready to go the first day you join.

I'd be more than happy to discuss other methodologies with you - or to hear from you on some of your favorites.

Just visit me at or on

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Jeff Martin   1354 day(s) ago
Thanks Leroy! What a great idea, I have already ordered my stamp. Thanks again.

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