posted on: 10/10/2012 3:02:16 PM EST
Limu plus discontinued
Limu plus, limu, fucoidan, limu mui, Tongan limu

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Limu plus discontinued?

Yes it true, the only place to find limu plus is at

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More about limu plus:

For 40 years, more than 1200 scientists were involved in this unprecedented, confidential project that led to groundbreaking discoveries and thousands of studies. A unique group of plants referred to as “adaptogens” were discovered growing in an area of eastern Russia called the Primorye. The Discovery Channel produced a special on the total devastation created by a meteor in 1908 in the same area of the Primorye Forest to which adaptogens are native. After the devastation, certain plants learned to cope with extreme temperature variations, radiation exposure, altitude variances, sea pressure, toxic exposure and stresses of drought and water variances. These “adaptable” plants—adaptogens—grew back to create one of the most botanically active regions in the world.

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