posted on: 11/20/2011 5:53:44 PM EST
How I make money: part three
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Today I am going to tell you what I do each day to qualify in Zeek reward.
1. Log into my account.
This takes me to another page where there are three steps to choose from.
Step 1. Choose an Ad to Place
Step 2. Choose an Advertising Venue (location)
Step 3. Register your Ad to Qualify for Today's Cash Rewards
I select Step 1 and that takes me to another page
Choose an Ad ( there are over 40 different ad to choose from)
I Copy one of these ads and go to Step 2
In Step 2 I have numerous Advertising location to choose from. I select one and post my free ad.
Then I copy the url that gives my ad as posted, go to step 3 and paste there.
Done for the day. Less than 5 minutes of my time.
That was very simple to do. Now I will spend some time In IBO looking to connect with new associates that are interested in a opportunity to earn an income. The home base business is a great way to stay at home with family. By making money on line with a MLM opportunity like Zeek Rewards is wonderful.

Stay tune for my nest chapter.

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