posted on: 5/1/2012 6:29:11 AM EST
I Remember When
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I remember when…
What a change that has occurred in the Nursing field. What I am about to share may shock you, but these events did occur.
I have always wanted to be a nurse. Growing up I can remember visiting the hospital and wanting to be like the nurses I saw. My mother was ill and in the hospital a lot so I was a frequent visitor.
After finishing High School I went to Nashville, Tenn. and started working at Baptist hospital as a nurse’s aide. Several programs were offered and I took one called Nursing Technician. It was a 9 month course and I proudly completed. Now I was able to change surgical dressing, give injections (I did not like to get shots, but I sure could give them). (Laugh) As a technician I was able to perform more nursing procedures.
I loved being a nurse and helping people. Walking down the hospital hall in my white uniform, yes we wore white uniforms, white stocking and white shoes!
Oh no I have got ahead of my event that I told you might shock you.
O.K. back to my original story. At this time I was not a registered nurse. I had some training at Baptist Hospital and returned back to Rural Alabama to work at the “North Alabama Hospital” I was hired as a “nurse” because I had some training from a big Hospital! Being a “nurse” I gave “shots”. At this time there were no disposable needles or syringes. They were glass. We had to sterilize after each use and use it again. The needles were medal, would become dull after several uses, and had to be sharpened with a file! If nurses did that today they would have their licenses revoked.
To see if a patient had a fever we had two glass containers with a glass thermometer in it. I would put a thermometer in the mouth of one patient, take it out, put it in the other container that had a solution to “sterilize” it and repeat this process on all the patients! Could we do this today? No way.

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Jessie Burr   1379 day(s) ago
Thank you for sharing your story. My parents talk about the good old days...someetimes I wonder if young people are missing out messing with so many details.
Sandy Blomstrom    1379 day(s) ago
All these great changes to "protect" us....makes you wonder :)
Ludwina Van Hyfte   1379 day(s) ago
Thanks for sharing this story, you must have a lot more to tell.
David Barrett   1379 day(s) ago
Yep, Times they are a changin'. I can see parallels in my former industry as well. I had 30yrs. in semiconductor manufacturing.
Ron Kaiser   1380 day(s) ago
Thanks for sharing your memories with us. If people did today what they did way back when, a lot of people would get into big trouble for sure. Much success Carol!

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