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Tools Selected For The Task
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There is a promotional piece that shows several of the world's finest golfers and talks about how Arnold Palmer was not quite fast enough for track and field, Nick Faldo was not quite precise enough placing his soccer shots and that Jack Nichlaus was not too good at hitting curve balls in baseball ... it finishes by encouraging us to look at what can happen when the right tools are put in the right hands!

I like that promotional piece because it touches on mindsets AND skill sets. Each of these great champions (and others, like Michael Jordan as a basketball player compared to a baseball player) was best suited to a certain niche of the sporting world. What allowed them to be better than most was a devotion to being the best in their chosen field of endeavor and then utilizing the best tools and training available to them.

We can be champions at online marketing using the same basic formula. Within our chosen industry there are many interesting niche markets. The tools we utilize to achieve our results are largely technology driven. When combined with the correct mindsets and skill sets we can reach impressive levels of performance.

There are usually several extremely useful tools that are utilized in most endeavors worthy of devotion. Golf allows for up to 14 clubs in an official golf bag. It is also important to carefully select the proper shoes, glove, tees and ball along with other accessories like sunglasses, hat, umbrella, etc. Not having the proper equipment can impact the results that can be achieved by even the best skilled players.

We utilize computers of various types (I find myself using a desktop, laptop, iPad and iPhone woven together in a concerted fashion) along with internet service provider(s), browser(s), autoresponder, e-mail, video messaging, instant messaging and more in our interactions. Several of those can also provide at least some promotional capabilities to support and enhance our advertising and marketing efforts.

Oh, almost all of the best performing athletes also had coaches (consultants/teachers) and mentors and support groups (family, friends, fans) that helped them excel.

Many of us have determined to figure out how to be successful in internet marketing mostly through trial and error. While that can work, it tends to be a longer and harder road than some of the other routes that are available.

We can support each other in our efforts to achieve our goals. I look forward to learning more about your story and the path you have traveled to reach the place that you current hold in the wide world of internet marketing.

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10/22/2013  Helping Others Move Forward
10/21/2013  Easy Ways To Make Money Online
10/20/2013  BREAD AND BUTTER
10/20/2013  Money Moves
10/19/2013  Human Nature
10/18/2013  From Impossible To Inevitable!
10/15/2013  Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention
10/4/2013  Other People's What?
10/2/2013  Your Timing Is Excellent!
10/2/2013  Taking Stock In The American Dream!
10/1/2013  Enhance Your Unique Value Proposition
9/29/2013  A New Twist On A Penny For Your Thoughts!
9/27/2013  Back End Tuition
9/25/2013  What Is That Noise?
9/20/2013  The Right Motivation!
9/19/2013  More Than You Bargained For!
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9/16/2013  Lessons Learned From Unexpected Sources
9/14/2013  Rethinking Referral Marketing
9/12/2013  Hedging Works Both Ways
9/10/2013  The Multiplier Effect
9/9/2013  The Fulcrum Formula
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8/25/2013  Auto-generated Income ... Solved!
8/24/2013  A View From The Top
8/24/2013  Do You Have An Extra Belt?
8/22/2013  It Takes Followers
8/21/2013  Because It Is Who We Are And What We Do
8/20/2013  Lessons Learned From Harry!
8/15/2013  Online Marketing ... Copy, Paste, Tweak!
8/11/2013  It Is Dangerous Not To Evolve
8/11/2013  Making My List, Checking It Twice
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8/6/2013  Multiple Choice!
8/5/2013  Support Systems
8/3/2013  More Than I Imagined!
8/1/2013  Laughing All The Way To The Bank!
7/31/2013  The Early Steps Of Success
7/30/2013  What Will Pay You Today?
7/30/2013  The Long And Winding Road!
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7/27/2013  Combining Components
7/26/2013  What Are Words Worth?!
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6/21/2013  Painting By The Numbers
6/20/2013  Moving In The Right Direction
6/19/2013  Time Will Tell, Yet By Then Many May Be Asking "...What If"
6/18/2013  L1KES for YOUR facebook fan page!
6/16/2013  It Is Not Magic, It Is Math!
6/15/2013  Boost Your Facebook Fan Page!
6/13/2013  For Want Of ...
6/12/2013  My Easy Profits Can Be Yours Too!
6/12/2013  Why NO Can Be A Good Thing!
6/9/2013  A Nice Way To Move Things Forward!
6/7/2013  Firm Financial Footing
6/5/2013  Here Is How It Is All Coming Together For Many!
6/2/2013  The Contact Patch
5/31/2013  Our Version Of The Chicken Or The Egg!
5/30/2013  The Gift Of Choice
5/21/2013  What Results From Creative Thinking
5/16/2013  How Would YOU Do It?
5/13/2013  When Preparation Meets Up With The Right Timing
5/11/2013  Innovation To Help You Learn & Earn
5/8/2013  An Offer You Shouldn't Refuse!
5/3/2013  The Right Combination
4/30/2013  Can A Package Enhance The Contents?
4/28/2013  Comparison Test Challenge
4/28/2013  Benefiting From Bridges
4/23/2013  Another Version Of Free Credits!
4/19/2013  Informing And Inspiring
4/14/2013  The Financial Version Of The Hippocratic Oath
4/10/2013  My Business In A Pocket
4/5/2013  Earn While You Learn
4/4/2013  Streams Of Success
3/21/2013  A Great "Slight Edge" Story
3/16/2013  Is Your Philosophy Supporting Your Success?
3/10/2013  Support For Your Efforts
2/28/2013  Automation Doing What We Think It Ought To!
2/27/2013  Now That YOU Know!
2/24/2013  A Debt Of Gratitude
2/21/2013  If It Was Real I Would Have Heard About It Before!
2/19/2013  Now Interviewing
2/17/2013  Embracing Change
2/16/2013  Just What I Was Looking For!
2/11/2013  You May Not Be Getting All The Credit You Deserve
2/7/2013  A Business In My Pocket!
2/6/2013  On The Other Hand
2/5/2013  Combining Dynamic Components
2/4/2013  The Power Of Three
2/4/2013  On The Edge
2/2/2013  Building A Better Bridge
2/1/2013  I Would If I Could
1/29/2013  Electronic Taste Test
1/28/2013  Risk Versus Reward
1/27/2013  Which Team Matters
1/26/2013  Making Money Online, What Works Best For You?
1/25/2013  Advice For The Bumpy Roads Of Life!
1/25/2013  It Is A Funnel And A Filter
1/24/2013  Dynamic Platforms
1/24/2013  Mighty Handy!
1/23/2013  The BLUE Funnel, Please!
1/21/2013  If You Know What You Are Looking For
1/20/2013  Why This, Why Now?
1/19/2013  Just What I Was Looking For!
1/18/2013   A Business In Your Pocket!
1/17/2013  Helpful In So Many Ways!
1/16/2013  The Most Direct Path
1/15/2013  Why This, Why Now?
1/15/2013  Look At Who Is Standing In My Way
1/13/2013  When The Stars Align
1/12/2013  Live And Learn
1/8/2013  A Favor And A Gift
1/2/2013  Connecting And Converting
1/1/2013  Get Paid To Have Fun!
1/1/2013  Rewarding Play Time
12/30/2012  Do You Have GAME?
12/28/2012  Where Playtime Meets Payday!
12/28/2012  Paying Attention
12/27/2012  Dynamic Platforms
12/27/2012  Winning Ways ... It Pays To Know
12/26/2012  It Is Time To Help More People To Shift To The New Economy!
12/23/2012  TheSuccess Formula That Never Fails
12/22/2012  It Pays To Play!
12/22/2012  Playing To Win!
12/20/2012  Fun + Money = What A Lot Of People Are Looking For!
12/19/2012  Success Simplified
12/19/2012  Winning Ways!
12/18/2012  Stacking Things In Your Favor
12/18/2012  Because That Is Where The Money Is!
12/17/2012  Demographics Are Destiny
12/17/2012  Streams Of Success
12/16/2012  ... And Other Valuable Consideration!
12/14/2012  Marketing Magic For You!
12/13/2012  An Open Letter To Online Marketers
12/13/2012  Make Money While Having Fun!
12/10/2012  A Successful Game-Plan
12/9/2012  What Gets Your Attention?
12/8/2012  Why They Keep Score
12/7/2012  A Fantasy Can Come True!
12/6/2012  That's Relativity
12/3/2012  Cost Versus Price
12/3/2012  A Visionary And His Vision
12/2/2012  A Taste Of Success
11/29/2012  Too Good To Be True?
11/28/2012  News You Can Use
11/28/2012  Just Because It Works!
11/27/2012  How To Go With The Flow!
11/26/2012  Streams Of Success
11/26/2012  The Early Steps Of Success
11/25/2012  A Nest Egg
11/24/2012  Weaving The Web
11/24/2012  It Pays To Know!
11/20/2012  The Vehicle And The Driver
11/20/2012  Avoiding The Spiral Of Doom!
11/19/2012  All Or Nothing
11/18/2012  Firm Foundation
11/15/2012  Common Ground
11/14/2012  Magic Money
11/13/2012  Message Multiplication
11/13/2012  What Matters In Online Marketing
11/12/2012  The Tools For Success Are Readily Available!
11/12/2012  A Free & Powerful Way To Amplify Your Message
11/9/2012  Value, Value Added and then Overwhelming Benefit
11/6/2012  What People Need To Know To Make Money Online
11/5/2012  When Style Is Combined With Substance!
11/5/2012  Value Versus A Bargain
11/4/2012  An Advertising Game Changer
11/4/2012  What You Can Imagine Is Real
11/3/2012  Putting Things Into Action
10/30/2012  Streams Of Success
10/29/2012  Do You Want To Do Something About It?
10/27/2012  The Common Denominator of Success!
10/27/2012  Having Fun For Free Is Good, Getting Paid To Play Games Is Better
10/26/2012  The Majority Of The Money
10/24/2012  Making Money Having Fun
10/23/2012  Message Multiplication
10/22/2012  Prosperity Answer
10/22/2012  Are You On The Tube?
10/21/2012  For The GAMER In You!
10/21/2012  Could It Be Easier Than This?!
10/19/2012  You CAN promote to prosper ... and have fun doing it!
10/19/2012  Weaving The Web
10/18/2012  Go With The Flow!
10/16/2012  Avoiding The Spiral Of Doom!
10/14/2012  Point, Click, Online, Making Money!
10/9/2012  The Success Formula That Never Fails!
10/9/2012  Have Fun And Make Money
10/6/2012  I Will Do That!
10/6/2012  Value For Money
10/5/2012  Group Buying Power At Its Best AND
10/5/2012  Just Click Daily For A Chace To Be Among The Cash Winners
10/4/2012  Making Money Having Fun
10/3/2012  Take To The Stage And Share What Interests You!
10/3/2012  A Demonstration Of A Successful Business Model!
10/2/2012  Marketing Magic For You!
9/29/2012  It Isn't, Yet It Should Be!
9/29/2012  Perception Becomes Reality
9/28/2012  For The GAMER In You!
9/27/2012  The Message And The Messengers
9/26/2012  The One That Hollers
9/26/2012  You CAN promote to prosper ... and have fun doing it!
9/24/2012  Game Time!
9/23/2012  Are You On The Tube?
9/21/2012  Turning The Ordinary Into Extraordinary
9/20/2012  ... And Other Valuable Consideration!
9/20/2012  Message Multiplication
9/17/2012  Then Next?
9/15/2012  A Powerful Example Provided By Nature!
9/12/2012  It's time to wage war against winning fatigue!
9/10/2012  FunMoney, An Exchange Rate That Will Make You Smile!
9/9/2012  Demographics Are Destiny
9/7/2012  You Are Center Stage, What Is Your Story?! | HomePagePa
9/6/2012  Getting Our Message Out!
9/6/2012  Playing To Win!
9/5/2012  For The GAMER In You!
9/2/2012  Magic Money
8/31/2012  The Winning Ticket
8/30/2012  I Will Do That!
8/30/2012  Demographics Are Destiny
8/29/2012  A Fun Filled Favor!
8/28/2012  Can You Go?!
8/26/2012  Prosperity Answer
8/26/2012  Fun Money Makes A Great Income Opportunity
8/25/2012  Making Money Having Fun
8/24/2012  When A Door Closes
8/23/2012  The Thread Of Discontent
8/23/2012  It Pays To Know
8/22/2012  Firm Foundation
8/20/2012  A Different Approach
8/20/2012  Clambering For Attention
8/19/2012  Do You Want To Do Something About It?
8/19/2012  Onward and Upward
8/18/2012  Insights Into The Three Stages Of A Great Idea!
8/18/2012  Seed Money
8/17/2012  Where/When Will YOU Work?
8/17/2012  For The Price Of A Movie Ticket
8/15/2012  Please Give Me Consideration!
8/15/2012  Rich Uncle
8/14/2012  US Home Work Force Is Now Hiring
8/14/2012  Are They Receiving The Message That Was Intended?
8/13/2012  The Today Is Payday Pay Plan
8/12/2012  Keep Momentum Building
8/12/2012  A Nest Egg
8/11/2012  A Penny For Your Thoughts!
8/11/2012  Massive Action Made Manageable!
8/10/2012  When Everyone Can Win
8/10/2012  Too Good To Be True Versus If Only
8/9/2012  Magic Money
8/8/2012  Refining The Message
8/7/2012  Do You Want To Do Something About It?
8/5/2012  It Is Supposed To Work Like This!
8/5/2012  Synergism Now Has A Corporate Ally
8/3/2012  Applied Knowledge Is Powerful ... See For Yourself!
8/3/2012  Building On A Solid Foundation
8/2/2012  Why It Works
8/2/2012  The Next Big Thing From The Providers Of The Current Big Thing
8/1/2012  Put ZIP Into Your Overall Business Plan!
8/1/2012  Points To Consider On Rewarding Programs
7/31/2012  Saving The Economy
7/31/2012  When The Rule Makers Become The Rule Breakers
7/30/2012  The Power Of Pennies!
7/29/2012  Truer Than True
7/28/2012  Do You Want To Do Something About It?
7/28/2012  Enabling Action
7/27/2012  When The Goal Is To Make Money
7/27/2012  Sooner Or Later
7/26/2012  Can The Internet Make The Difference?!
7/26/2012  The Early Steps Of Success
7/25/2012  The Bigger Picture
7/23/2012  All Dolled Up And Definitely Going Places!
7/23/2012  Correlation Indicates A Dynamic Trend!
7/22/2012  The Value Of A Proven Process
7/21/2012  A Sample Of Success
7/20/2012  Better Late Than Never!
7/20/2012  Winning Ways
7/19/2012  And The Winner Is ...
7/19/2012  Synergism Has A Corporate Ally
7/18/2012  The Oddity Of Our Minds!
7/17/2012  Dynamic Team Building
7/16/2012  The Wisdom Of The Ages!
7/15/2012  You Get Paid For Doing What?
7/15/2012  Interesting ... For Sure!
7/13/2012  A Dynamic Shift
7/12/2012  Connecting The Dots
7/11/2012  The Difference
7/11/2012  Sooner Or Later
7/10/2012  Converting Opportunity Into Success
7/4/2012  There Was A Time, And The Time Is Now
6/29/2012  What If ...
6/27/2012  Come Let Us Reason Together!
6/26/2012  Why It Works
6/24/2012  The Multiplier Effect
6/23/2012  Dilemmas Delay Dollars
6/23/2012  What You Need To Know!
6/22/2012  Networking Is Teamwork
6/20/2012  On A Scale Of 1 to 10
6/20/2012  Right Away Payday!
6/19/2012  Getting From Here To There
6/17/2012  A Compelling Offer
6/17/2012  The Overlapping Area Of Opportunity
6/12/2012  Taking Care Of Business
6/9/2012  If It Works, Will You, Should You?
6/7/2012  The Message And The Messenger
6/6/2012  Winging It?
6/6/2012  Stepping Stones
6/5/2012  Your Homepage Can Be Your Home Business!
6/4/2012  Are You Letting Money Slip Through Your Fingers?!
6/3/2012  I Know You Are, But What Am I?!
6/1/2012  What Would Be Any Better?
5/31/2012  The Perils Of The Craft!
5/30/2012  The Thread Of Discontent
5/30/2012  The Cash Coupon
5/28/2012  What If ...
5/27/2012  A Fun, Social Community That Is Very Business Friendly
5/26/2012  What Word Of Mouth Can Do
5/25/2012  Right Here, Right Now
5/24/2012  There Was A Time, And The Time Is Now
5/20/2012  This Is Simply Power4
5/18/2012  The Combination To Marketing Success!
5/16/2012  At Least 10,000 Reasons For Acting Today!
5/15/2012  The More You Know The More You Will Like
5/14/2012  Three Stages Of A Great Idea!
5/13/2012  Onward And Upward!
5/13/2012  Building Blocks
5/12/2012  Medium Of Exchange
5/12/2012  Formula For Better Results
5/11/2012  The Bonus Box
5/10/2012  Your Homepage Can Be Your Home Business
5/10/2012  This Makes Everything Else You Do Online Better!
5/9/2012  Ponder This!
5/9/2012  Pursuit Of Perfection
5/7/2012  The Overlapping Area Of Opportunity
5/6/2012  An Amazing Gift For You!
5/6/2012  Three Things We All Want
5/4/2012  The Product Provides The Key
5/3/2012  Since You Are Going To Do It Anyway!
5/3/2012  What Is The Point
5/1/2012  The Cyberspace Picture Frame
5/1/2012  The Bonus Box
4/30/2012  Work From Anywhere!
4/30/2012  What Would You Offer?
4/28/2012  Navigating Cyberspace
4/28/2012  What Is YOUR Story?
4/25/2012  Keys To Achieving More! | HomePagePays
4/24/2012  Timing On The Timeline
4/23/2012  Put Your Home Business On Others Home Pages!
4/20/2012  When Is VALUE Better Than FREE?!
4/19/2012  Hopes And Dreams Need THIS!
4/19/2012  Three Stages Of A Great Idea!
4/18/2012  Work Anywhere
4/18/2012  The Journey
4/17/2012  Winning In Wonderland!
4/17/2012  THIS Makes Everything Else You Do Online Better!
4/16/2012  The Common Denominator
4/16/2012  Providing A Headstart
4/15/2012  What Business Is It Of Yours?
4/15/2012  The Core Competencies Criteria
4/14/2012  It Can Be YOU!
4/13/2012  Can The Internet Make The Difference?!
4/13/2012  Taking Action!
4/12/2012  The Success Formula That Never Fails!
4/10/2012  Value Combined With Volume
4/9/2012  Formula For Success!
4/8/2012  Onward And Upward!
4/8/2012  It Could Have Been You!
4/6/2012  Dynamic Team Building
4/6/2012  Smart Points To Consider
4/5/2012  Tools Selected For The Task
4/5/2012  What Is Next?
4/4/2012  Just Do What You Are Already Doing ... AND Get Paid ... Smart!
4/4/2012  Too Good To Be True?
4/3/2012  The Wisdom Of The Ages!
4/3/2012  A Favor Please!
4/2/2012  Your Homepage Can Be Your Home Business
4/2/2012  A Better Computer And Internet Experience
4/1/2012  Building On The Basics
4/1/2012  The Place For FREE In Building A Business
3/30/2012  I Recommend ...
3/29/2012  A Person's Perception
3/29/2012  Nothing To Do With The Business Of Doing Business
3/28/2012  Never Better
3/27/2012  What Business Is It Of Yours?
3/25/2012  A Better Computer And Internet Experience!
3/25/2012  Vision Supports Getting Into Position Now!
3/22/2012  The Common Denominator of Success!
3/21/2012  More For Less = Value
3/20/2012  Rising Tide!
3/14/2012  Still Holding Out?
3/13/2012  For My First Wish!
3/13/2012  Would You Like For Your Phone To Ring?
3/12/2012  Taking It In
3/11/2012  Vision Benefits Those That Position Themselves!
3/10/2012  Are You Ready To Be Paid Just To Be Online?
3/7/2012  Pay At Tension
3/5/2012  A Rising Tide
3/5/2012  Mass Appeal
3/2/2012  A Better Computer And Internet Experience
3/1/2012  Hindsight Is 20/20
2/29/2012  The Wisdom Of The Ages!
2/28/2012  Winning In Wonderland!
2/28/2012  The Transitional Journey
2/27/2012  Which One Will YOU Choose?
2/25/2012  Building Huge Momentum!
2/25/2012  A Dream Come True ... And It Can Happen For You Too!
2/24/2012  A Business In A Box ... And You Already Have The Box!
2/23/2012  Carry Your Own Weight ... With A Twist!
2/21/2012  Put Your Home Business On Others Homepages!
2/21/2012  Why Not YOU?
2/20/2012  The Value Of A Good Gatekeeper!
2/13/2012  Co-Hearts Wanted!
2/11/2012  What Is Your WHY?
2/10/2012  Ready, Set ...
2/9/2012  A Better Computer And Internet Experience!
2/8/2012  Winning In Wonderland!
2/7/2012  Massive Value Marketing!
2/7/2012  The Overlapping Area Of Opportunity
2/5/2012  Just Do What You Are Already Doing ... AND Get Paid ... Smart!
2/3/2012  You Are Invited!
2/1/2012  Where Everyone Can Know Your Name!
1/31/2012  Happy ________ Day To You!
1/30/2012  You Are Invited!
1/28/2012  The Next Generation Gateway To The Internet!
1/27/2012  Mass Appeal!
1/27/2012  Smart Media Technologies ... Make Your Desktop SMART!
1/25/2012  Which Will YOU Choose?!
1/24/2012  An Open Letter!
1/22/2012  Smart Media Desktop and Browser Go To The NEXT Level!
1/20/2012  Clarifying Choices
1/19/2012  Here Is Just Some Of What You Will Hear!
1/18/2012  The Smart Media Technologies Makes A Great Online Business!
1/17/2012  Smart Media Desktop and Browser Now Adds Home Page that Pays!
1/16/2012  Safer Computing And Getting Paid For Your Internet Usage!
1/14/2012  Winning In Wonderland!
1/13/2012  Creating An Internet Account
1/12/2012  Dancing Fingers!
1/12/2012  Ponder THIS!
1/11/2012  Asking WHY
1/10/2012  Four-Letter Words!
1/9/2012  Take To The Stage And Share What Interests You!
1/9/2012  Hopes And Dreams Need THIS!
1/7/2012  An Amazing Gift For YOU!
1/7/2012  The Common Denominator!
1/6/2012  Project 2012
1/5/2012  Which Would YOU Choose?!
1/4/2012  This Time NEXT Year!
1/3/2012  A Dynamic Shift
1/2/2012  Either Choice Is Great!
1/2/2012  So Superb, So Powerful! Smart Media Desktop and Browser ... And
1/1/2012  The Clock Is Ticking!
1/1/2012  Is It Within Reach!
12/31/2011  How Do You Keep Score?
12/30/2011  What Is Your Why?
12/29/2011  Outcome Management
12/28/2011  Experience Equals An Extra Edge!
12/27/2011  The Tools For Success Are Readily Available! Are You Using Them?
12/27/2011  The SMART Move!
12/25/2011  This Tide Can Float YOUR Boat!
12/24/2011  Success Leaves Clues ... Here Is One For You!
12/23/2011  Fundamentally Smart
12/22/2011  Promote To Prosper!   |   And Have Fun Doing It!
12/22/2011  Project 2012
12/21/2011  Clarifying Choices
12/20/2011  Why Would You Want It Any Other Way?
12/19/2011  A Smart Move!
12/19/2011  Making The Most Of It!
12/18/2011  A Great Online Business!
12/18/2011  Dancing Fingers!
12/17/2011  When Is It Even Better Than FREE?!
12/17/2011  Still Holding Out?!
12/16/2011  Just Do What You Are Already Doing ... AND Get Paid ... Smart!
12/16/2011  It can be challenging out there!
12/15/2011  Tools Of The Trade!
12/15/2011  Putting It All Together!
12/14/2011  The Contact Patch Is Crucial!
12/14/2011  The Next Generation Gateway To The Internet! Smart Media Desktop
12/13/2011  Five Ways To Get Increasing Website Traffic For FREE!
12/12/2011  Make YOUR Desktop Smart!
12/12/2011  Being Helpful And Supportive!
12/11/2011  Putting The Big Pot Into The Little Pot!
12/11/2011  You Use It Everytime You Go Online, So Let It Be A Source Of Inco
12/10/2011  Fast - Safe - Secure! And You Can Earn Too!
12/10/2011  Give Your Business Away!
12/9/2011  An Amazing Gift For YOU!
12/9/2011  Get Your FREE High Tech WOM Mobile Auto Responder
12/8/2011  Combine State Of Art Automation With Word Of Mouth
12/8/2011  Making Things Better! | Make Money Online
12/7/2011  Founding Members Qualification For The HomePagePays!
12/7/2011  Stretching Your Advertising Budget! | FREE Credits For R
12/6/2011  Timing Counts! | HomePagePays
12/5/2011  It Feels A Lot Like Free Internet Service! | HomePa
12/5/2011  Word Of Mouth Working At Its Best!
12/4/2011  Value Combined With Volume | HomePayPays
12/4/2011  Practical Application | HomePagePays
12/2/2011  A Clarion Call To Action! | HomePagePays
12/1/2011  Choose Wisely! | HomePagePays
12/1/2011  Common Cents! | HomePagePays
11/30/2011  Wrap It Up! | HomePagePays
11/30/2011  Purpose With A Passion!
11/29/2011  You Are Center Stage, What Is Your Story?! | HomePagePa
11/27/2011  Solutions That Work! | HomePagePays
11/26/2011  You Really Will Want This! | HomePagePays
11/26/2011  Winning In Wonderland! | Home Page Pays
11/25/2011  True Mass Appeal!
11/25/2011  The ME In TEAM
11/23/2011  The Webs We Weave!
11/23/2011  Structured Success!
11/22/2011  The Real Challenge!
11/22/2011  A Favor Please!
11/21/2011  What Is Your BREAD AND BUTTER?!
11/18/2011  Would You Like To Know?
11/18/2011  For The GAMER In You!
11/17/2011  If At First You Do Not Succeed, Then What?
11/16/2011  When It All Comes Together!
11/16/2011  A Favor For A Friend, Please!
11/15/2011  Success Leaves Clues ... Here Is One For You!
11/15/2011  Some Things Just Make Sense!
11/14/2011  Sooner Is Gonna Be Way Better Than Later!
11/13/2011  It Only Gets Better!
11/12/2011  Your Message Is Important! Here Is Help In Conveying It!
11/12/2011  IBOToolbox Is Full Of Features!
11/11/2011  What You Do Not Know!
11/10/2011  What Vehicle Are YOU Taking Today?
11/9/2011  When Hope Becomes Reality!
11/8/2011  Just Like Wine, Somethings Get Better Over Time!
11/7/2011  Sooner Is Going To Be Better Than Later!
11/7/2011  Where Are YOU On THIS Journey?!
11/6/2011  You Changed My Life!
11/6/2011  Social Business Building With The Support Of An Amazing Group!
11/4/2011  The Window On The Early Movers Advantage Is Beginning To Close!
11/3/2011  What Are YOUR Reasons?
11/2/2011  Sharing The Vision While Benefiting NOW!
11/2/2011  Why Buy It Before You Drive It?!
11/1/2011  Can It Really Be Of Benefit To Virtually Anyone?
11/1/2011  The Question Everyone Will Be Asking!
10/31/2011  All This For Free!
10/31/2011  What’s coming in Home Page Pays
10/30/2011  True Mass Appeal!
10/30/2011  Put Your Home Business On Others Home Pages!
10/26/2011  Why HomePagePays?
10/24/2011  Two BILLION Reasons Why!
10/13/2011  What Is Your Long Term Vision?
10/11/2011  Inch By Inch Its A Cinch!
10/10/2011  Are You An Active Agent Of Change?
10/10/2011  Your Message Is Important ... So Put The Power of Word-Of-Mouth I
10/9/2011  Connecting The Dots!
10/8/2011  Your Chance To Avoid Saying IF ONLY!
10/6/2011  Like Passing Out Candy on Halloween Eve!
10/6/2011  Time Sensitive and Very Valuable! Do Not Miss It!
10/4/2011  What Would IT Be For YOU?!
10/4/2011  Ready, set ...
10/3/2011  Connecting At The Next Level!
10/2/2011  Is Your Message Getting Through?!
10/1/2011  Tools For Enhancing Your Success!
9/30/2011  Which One(s) Do YOU Use?!
9/29/2011  Why Versus Why Not?
9/29/2011  An Amazing Contest! | CASH Prizes
9/28/2011  Benefit From This Costly Lesson!
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