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This can help so many of us!!!
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I took this from an email I received from a friend,
this is just the first part of an awesome opportunity that everyone that just give's it a try will benefit from, I believe in this so much, and have seen what it can do just thru what I have done with it so far.
I have all of my family involved in this, I would not want to know this kind of power and not share
It with them… So I hope you will take the time to read this, and Ask as many questions that you like.
Here is another web sit that you can go to and learn lot’s more.

Whether you refer to it as a "MLM Feeder Program"or a "MLM Feeder Business,"
both mean the same thing. Exactly what is a MLM FEEDER PROGRAM like ONEX?
The best way to explain it is to think of an "entry level" position. You need to learn
"how to do things" before you can move up the ladder to a bigger paying job.
The purpose of a MLM Feeder Program is to help an individual with very little
money get started in a MLM business, or any business the right way without
obtaining a loan. But it is not limited to just this. You can do anything with this
Why a feeder program? A lot of MLM businesses require a large up front and
monthly investment. Let's face it...many people join programs like these and quickly
lose focus due to lack of skill or leadership from others and find themselves "failing"
and giving up. Many who are just starting out in this industry may want to steer
clear of these high end programs until they have some experience under their belt
using programs like ONEX.
On the other hand, if you have worked MLM leads in the past then you know there
is a fair share of people who like you and your business, but they don't have the
kind of cash that is required to join your company. This is where ONEX comes in
handy. This Cash Leveraging system gets you the money you need to start your
business whether it be home based or out in Corporate America. This program is
great for people who are:
· Stay At Home Moms
· Military
· People who need to get out of debt
· People needing to pay off student loans
· People who need Extra Income
· People who are struggling to make ends meet
· People who are living paycheck to paycheck
· People who are just down on their luck with finding a secure job
If you are one of the above individuals, then you are not in a position to get an
extra income the easy way. By not making the decision now to take advantage of a
program that will dig you out of your financial rut and generate an extra income to
do the things that you really want to do, then you have been programmed to be in
your current set of circumstances. Reprogram yourself. Start with the decision to
take a risk that doesn't even exist.
Once you have reprogrammed yourself and made the decision to give your full efforts
to OneX it is imperative to start utilizing the information in this manual to get others
onboard by educating them on what needs to be done to get paid. Then, watch your
account grow and your financial situation do a 180. This program is designed for
people to help people. That simple.
To Your Success,
Jerrell “Rell” Turner

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