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Were do we get our Fax's

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One 24 Scam!

Isn’t it funny how we think, you see a new company and they make a great offer to you and your family
And in the back of your mine you already think it’s a scam…
What do I have to do! how much is it going to cost me,! I can’t sell anything! what’s in it for you? Looks like a primed! (Just what is a primed) when I ask that question, know one really can answer me..

What fax’s do you have..
Can you show me were you got that idea..
We need to get out of our shells and give life a chance. Not everyone is out there to take you for a ride.
Most of the Scams that I have found aren’t even from the United States, sure there’s some. I would be telling a lie if I said there weren’t any here, but 97% come from other countries.
And if you want to get technical. what about our Banking system, Wall Street, Fanny Mae, Companies that we put all our trust and money into, and they knocked us right on our Butts.

Do you See the Government doing anything to help us now I don’t. All you see is what else they are going to take away form us. Our Children. My mom is 68 years old and she lives on $680.00 a month, a life time of work and now she can’t even afford her med’s..
How about the one’s that have to skip a few days on there med’s to make it thru the month.
And this great plan for Insurance for everyone. When, How, Where,…

Now if you really want to talk to me about Scams that’s a Scam…

When I started with the company I could not start the NatraBurst I was going thru testing for an Immune Deficiency that I have and the Dr’s would not let me start it, So I gave it to my mom she went on the Drink and it cut her Cholesterol levels by 40 points,
Her blood pressure is under control. For the first time in 10 years.

I have an immune deficiency and I have been on the NatraBurst for 1month and I feel great no more fatigue I can get my work done by the end of the day. And my appetite has gotten better, No more weight loss, Dr is very happy for that..

So please all I am saying is before you tag something as a Scam please research it, and don’t just go on the word of someone that didn’t give it a chance, and don’t know anything about it.
We all have a tendency to label things for the negative. That’s cause we are tired of being taken for a ride.

This country is in a resection and I don’t see anything getting any better in the near future.
So I joined One24 and I love it, It has been everything they told me it would be, If you put time in to anything it will work. We just need to start believing in each other again.. And take a stand. I want to be able to retire and not worry if I can afford it.. With this KNOW ONE CAN TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME. I am the only one that can. So I will be able to Retire in 24 months or sooner and get healthy doing it

Thanks ONE24 for the opportunity you gave me and everyone else that stepped out of the comfort box. You just might be suprised...

Pat Huddleston.

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