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Best Video Email on THE NET
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WowWe Mail lets you send an unlimited number of video emails to your friends, family and clients.
With WowWe Mail, you:
• Can create your own Custom Templates by uploading jpg, png, gif and bmp images at the click of a button.
• Choose from hundreds of free, compelling templates we've already created for you.
• Get the largest video email player available in the market today. Don't just send a video email – send one people can watch.
• Get WowWe's state-of-the-art Contact Manager that allows you to easily save your contacts and create groups.
Not surprisingly, practical research has been able to demonstrate the power of video over other forms of communication:
• "Video email marketing reaps 280 percent higher returns than direct mail." -- Gartner Research
• 63.9% of 5,000 people watched a video sent via email to completion. The average email viewer will only spend 8 seconds reading an email – Marketing Vox
• "Good service is not enough. A customer who is 'emotionally connected' to your place of business is likely to spend 46% more money than a customer who is merely ‘satisfied' but not emotionally bonded." -- Gallup Survey
Full Integration
WowWe is fully integrated with your social networks. To share on Youtube or Facebook, all you have to do is drag and drop.

Get WowWe Mail today 100% Risk Free!

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