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The Formula To Success
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How many people do you know have truly achieved a high level of success in a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)/Direct Sales Company? And before you answer this, please only consider your family and friends in your direct circle. This immediately makes answering this question more difficult.

See, most of the time when we first join a MLM business, our only testimony of success is about someone else in the company. And usually that person is several legs removed from us. And how do I know this personally? Because I was that someone in my company for a long time. In my former company, I would average $50,000 to $80,000 per month in commission; and I would hear others using my story to recruit individuals into their business. Now, don’t get me wrong, my story was very compelling. I definitely went from Rags to Riches. However, many people knew my story, but did they really know how I went from the Wilderness to my Promise Land?

So, with that being said, how did my team and others make their friends buy into their own personal vision of success with this company when all they did was talk about the success of someone they or their friends didn’t even know? They followed the formula to success: Know How + Desire = Success.

I am proud to say, that by teaching this formula to my team and others, I helped over a dozen or more people achieve a six-figure income in a matter of months. And guess what? Today, I’m going to share that formula with you for FREE. Let’s get started.

The first part of the formula is KNOW HOW. The “Know How” is made up of a seven step process. I don’t have enough time to elaborate on each, but I will give you the seven steps.

- Treat your opportunity like a BUSINESS. Have an OWNER mind-set not an EMPLOYEE mind-set.
- You must USE the product yourself.
- You CANNOT allow the FEAR of FAILURE and the FEAR of SUCCESS to rob you of your DREAMS.
- Understand that your product is “Changing People’s Lives.” The product is NOT just about making MONEY.
- Do not REINVENT the wheel. Just follow the SYSTEM.
- Call your Sponsor/Direct Upline at least ONCE every other day.
- Make a COMMITMENT to stay in the business for at least 18 MONTHS.

The last part of the formula is DESIRE. Now, when it comes to the “Know How,” I can teach this to you all day long; and if you just follow it exactly, it will work for you. However, when it comes to “Desire,” that can’t be taught. You must find that from within. You MUST have a “Low I.Q.” level to master “Desire.” (Read my last blog titled Does Your I.Q. Equal Success?) See, in my book, I talk about Desire meaning, Don’t Ever Stop Initiating Real Eagerness. No matter what people are sayings about you or your opportunity, no matter how many times you have failed in other MLM companies, no matter how many times you have heard the words, “No” or “No, I don’t like to Sell,” you must stay laser focused and keep your Desire burning within. Don’t allow that flame to be extinguished by NOONE or NO THING.

Well, that’s it folks – Your formula to success.

Peace, Love, Happiness and Most Definitely Prosperity,

Lynesa L. Williams, DE

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Lillian Villanova   1375 day(s) ago
Great ideas. Most people don't fail, they give up. You have helped keep your team from giving up. Kuddos.
Steph Perez   1375 day(s) ago
Girl you are figuring it out just fine!!! ;) Keep posting helpful blog posts daily and adding value!!! I loved this post!
Elena Barbu   1375 day(s) ago
HI Lynesa,very interesting blog....thanks for sharing this with us.Best whishes

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