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Fitness coach Manna testimonial
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Fitness Coach Anthony Mariniello
Anthony Mariniello, founder of in New York, has taken vitamins and minerals his whole life. And no surprise.

You would expect that a fitness coach, martial arts instructor, and personal trainer would naturally model a healthy lifestyle and a life energy that would be an inspiration to his clients. And for twenty years he has tried to do just that.

But by his own admission, he doesn’t take supplements anymore.

The Delicious Manna 360™ "Super Shake" with ZorbMax™ makes most supplements obsolete.

He doesn’t have to. He has discovered Manna 360™ from LiveSmart 360, the daily nutrition in a single serving shake that has completely changed his supplement philosophy and nutritional regimen.

Because of his reputation in the business, over the years virtually every manufacturer of protein powders and energy drinks has sent him grocery bags full of their wares for him to sell to his clients. It could have been a lucrative proposition.

Anthony Mariniello's "Fitness at Your Doorstep" offers a wide variety of fitness options. Now it includes LiveSmart 360's Manna 360.

Unfortunately for the companies (and fortunately for his clients), Coach Anthony won’t offer any product he has not first tried himself and feels comfortable recommending to his customers.

Until recently, that has meant that his referrals have been rather halfhearted, for, if he didn’t experience the benefits for himself, he was understandably skeptical that those products would help any of the people he cares about.

All of that changed recently when a friend let him sample a free serving of Manna 360 from LiveSmart 360. The first taste was an eye-opener. He thought that it tasted great, and he realized that he had a product his customers would at least try.

But it didn’t take the fitness coach long to recognize that, besides, the flavor, Manna 360 from LiveSmart 360 was unlike anything he had ever tried before.

He already thought that he was in good condition, and so he was not taking Manna 360 to lose weight. But when he started substituting meals with the “super shake”, his body responded to its powerful nutrition.

“I’ve dropped about fifteen pounds, and I feel great,” he says. “I get up at 4:40 in the morning, and I don’t get done until about 9:00 at night. It’s just phenomenal.”

Almost from that first shake, Anthony realized that he didn’t need the supplements he had been taking for so many years. The Manna 360 not only had all that he needed, it also supplied the nutrition in ways that had not been available to his body before. The result? Says Mariniello, “I feel fantastic. I really, really do.”

So, how does he feel about recommending this product to his clients? He has both family members and clients taking it, including at least one professional athlete.

Coach Mariniello's customers can access Manna 360 right from his website.
“I’m so blessed to be able to offer people something that I’m so sure about. . . . I don’t have any problem giving [it] to people. . . . I’m not a salesman kind of guy, but what’s great about this product is that it sells itself. Everyone who has tried it so far has ordered it.”

Sounds like, after twenty years, Anthony Mariniello has found a winner. And a reason not to take his usual vitamins

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Frances Richardson   1421 day(s) ago
you are tweeted and rated
Frances Richardson   1421 day(s) ago
Health is so important at every age. I have MS and a body in motion stays in motion!

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