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Various products and Services from South Africa
products, services, South Africa

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Various products and Services from South Africa

Having a film on your website is the Latest, HOT internet marketing trend and generates huge amounts of traffic to your website! Imagine the exposure you get for your business when your film is shown on YouTube!

Film your accommodation,guesthouse,hotel or lodge now before the price goes up because of the interest rate increase!

Get your film done for TV advertising and we host your film on our website;

We will link your contact details and website from our website;

Our company produces fully edited,high quality,professional,specialised film documentaries,with voice overs, for the Tourist Industry and Businesses in South Africa.

We can do a film on your accommodation, B&B, guesthouse, hotel, safari lodge, holiday resort, casino, golf estate, wine estate, property developments, adventure tour, sightseeing tour and tourist related businesses. You can have your accommodation or tourist related business filmed on high quality film and use it for video streaming on your website for extra marketing impact. We make you extra DVD's if required and business card DVD's for marketing and presentation purposes.

Have your high quality,professional film done to video stream on your website for your accommodation and tourist related businesses now!!!

Special for guesthouses and B&B's!!!

Production Cost: The client is charged for the amount of time for the production of the film that is produced for you, in time slots of 1 minute. The cost is R7,500.00 vat excl. per minute.This is a once of charge, and includes all production and broadcasting costs for the year. It also includes 1 DVD copy of your video clip and the 1 hour TV production.

Plus Web hosting and distribution cost:

We give you a Video link button on your website and links to your website and email for direct online bookings from

R 1200.00 excl VAT per annum.

Price R8700.00 excluding VAT.

Total Price: R9918.00 including VAT.

Contact: Mark

Mobile :+27 74 116 5213

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6/16/2011  Various products and Services from South Africa