Hello Dear readers, Today I am very much excited about to get a chance to write this article on most awaited ICO sales of GOLDMINT’s MNTP TOKEN backed by real Gold reserves kept equivalent to 1 GOLD CRYPTO ASSET=1 REAL GOLD. I was eagerly waiting for it’s sales opening. As it has already completed its pre-sale at the rate of $ 2 per token in June 2017 and raised $ 600k in just 36 hours. 20th Sept 2017 has been fixed for the ICO sale, and the rate is fixed $7 per token, price increases upto $ 5 in ICO sales opening. Available token for sale is 7 million only. The Total supply of this coin is 10,000,000 which is fixed and not going to increase this numbers at all.
Take this point very seriously, i am going to write something more about this point later on in this article below to find out the importance of it. The MNTP token is very high in demand. Every body is waiting for upcoming sales open date. So subscribe yourself to get the notification of whitelist registration here:


The internet has been filled with advertisements of ICO offerings of so many startups, almost all new ventures are launching their projects on blockchain technology, especially in services sector like Trading, Real Estate, Fashion, Shopping sites, Softwares etc. So that peoples are confused about which token to buy, which to left. For big investors it is fine that, they can make their investment in all the selective tokens in a diversified manner. But what about the small investors just like me, who are not able to buy in all the average ICO openings. So this is all about to keep inform them, those who have small budget and trying to do investment in cryptocurrencies. Every one is presenting in such a manner to prove that, they are the best. So in this condition it is very hard to take the decision to purchase the right one. There is very few who can survive and keep their numbers in top 100 coins and tokens. There is lot more things that need to be done in this growing industry in 21st Century. Finally I found this project very interesting in the field of blockchain innovation. May be some others also working on the idea of introducing Gold backed Crypto Coins but I did not find yet. Keeping this in mind I am writing this review as an article here in favour of GOLDMINT startup in the following paragraphs.


Well GOLDMINT is a yet another cryptocurrency on its way to launching, but this time its backbone is Gold. Means each MNTP Token is backed by physical Gold in a decentralized manner run on the Ethereum Blockchain Network and very soon it is going to migrate on its own private blockchain which is based on Graphene Technology, and named it Goldmint Blockchain. Later on each MNTP token also will be migrate to MNT token which verify transactions in Gold. That means the more MNT token users have, the more transactions they can verify. 75% from Gold transactions commissions are allocated to the miners who had verified a particular transaction.
If you want to get more details about this project, the technical parts, road maps of the future plannings, how the whole things works, you should always have a complete and transparent information available right here in its white paper, which you can have one from here.


Now let us discuss why to invest in Gold backed digital assets GOLDMINT? Why this has a tremendous growth in coming times ?
See Gold has always been a favorite assets for all to make investment in it. Every one wants to keep some Gold for their future security. But there is a disadvantage of having invest in Gold. You cannot be able to make a big investment in it because of its physical form and problem arises to move it from one place to another. It requires lots of labour, time and money. And when it comes to security to keeping it safe, I have a doubt on it. So only big investors are taking it as an investment. If you are familiar with forex market than you know that there is high rate of volatility specially in Gold trading. As I am a forex trader and from last 6 months, trading in Gold and have seen the movement of its price, it’s shocking. You will never know where the price goes? When to trade? When to not ? So it is not easy for all to trade in Gold virtually in forex market. But still the history shows its growth, because it is considered as safe and healthy investment segment.
On the other side we can go briefly about the growing market and utilization of cryptocurrency. In the year 2009 it was first introduced by a unknown Japanese software programmer Satoshi Nakamoto. His idea behind it, is just to show that, is it possible to do any transactions between two person without having third party interference as financial institutions like banks and all ? The idea was clicked and he was developed blockchain technology, through which it is possible to send a digital code in numbers from one electronic wallet to another electronic wallet instantly and every transactions will be stored in blockchain network that cannot be tempered by any means. It can be see by every one in an open source manner in the blockchain ledger. And he named to that code is BITCOIN. Have you heard about bitcoin? Why I am asking this? Because, now hardly 1% people know about it. When it was started in early 2009, no one believes that this is going to shape the future of economy. Everything starts with small.
Just like this project is launching, in the year 2009 BITCOIN was launched with the initial price of around $ 0.008, and see the latest price, it is $4323 while I am writing this article. The people those who invested in it at early stage, they all becomes millionaire and on the way to being billionaire, because predictions reveals that, in the next 10 years bitcoin price will touch $ 1 million per coin. Do you believe this ? You must! because the rest 99% is still to come.
But peoples are still skeptical about it because there is high level of volatility in cryptocurrency market. If we go through the trading status of last few days, bitcoin price falls $ 900+ and same thing happens to other altcoins too, and gradually picking up again.
"However, have you ever seen any of this running coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin have been backed by any means of assets. No, they are only backed by blockchain technology nothing else. If they have been accepted, than GOLDMINT have a better future.”

Both have running alone in volatile market, when it comes together it will make a fortune, it’s volatility rate will decrease and becomes favorable place to invest in. People will start believing in cryptocurrency. This company is doing the same thing and coming up with an idea to make GOLDMINT , “A token of stable growth.”
Now comes to the demand and supply. Bitcoin total supply is only 21 million, Litecoin 84 million, and Ethereum current total supply 94,549,586.59 MN right. This are top 3 coins. And lets talk about GOLDMINT, its only 10 million, less than any other coins with backed by Gold reserves. Could you imagine whats going on. There will be a huge demand. This is a game changer. Those who missed the BTC, ETH, LTC ICO sale, don’t miss now. Because rising its demand makes it more costly. Due to less in numbers and backed by Gold, it has a potential to stand with Bitcoin in near future. What I see that the initial price $ 7 is very cheap. I welcome all crypto investors to take part in this sale of MNTP TOKEN, and accuire as much as you can.
Buying method of this token is BTC and ETH.


So here in my conclusion, a dedicated team is constantly working on it to get the best result. You should understand the power of cryptocurrency. See, uses makes everything valuable. Bitcoin price is rising because we are using it, Ethereum rising because we are using it, Litecoin rising because we are using it as a means of exchange. Same thing is going to happen with this token too. Why, because of its compatibility, and power to travel virtually across the globe. No one is there in between you and your money now. You have a power to move your money no matter where you are, no matter how much money you have in digital form, your wealth will always travel with you. We are living in digital world, and digitization is becomes a revolution. This is early stage of IT Revolution. There is lot more things yet to be happen. Early adopters will get more out of it. Let us change the world and get benefited in the process.

On this welcome note, what ever I have been written, its all my analysis and research. There is no guarantee for any financial gain. Before investing please take a deep look on every aspects of the project, with keeping this in mind that “cryptocurrency is the future of money.” No one is going to stop it.

Thank you, and welcome on the board.

With Regards,

Manoj Kumar Ram