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Welcome to Ibosocial! 

The place to learn, connect and network with like-minded serious individuals!!

There is never lack of help on this site, this is one of the top social platforms for Independent Business Owners and people seeking a Business Opportunity. 


~My Motto in Life~

Great things happen to those who work for it,..if you want success you must jump in feet first so you land right side up                                                 -Margo Johnson~Momprenuer- Helping Other To                                                                                                Succeed In Every Aspect of Their Lives!

Hello Friends & Fellow Entrepreneurs~

I am a mother with loving, crazy & totally amazing kids! We live in Hardwick, Vermont! It is always cold here,...even in the summer. LOL.

I recently joined an AMAZING company (43 days ago) and I want to tell you, let me correct myself there,..I NEED to tell you about this before you read anything below! I have been searching online for something that A) WORKS; B) Requires TEAM workC)Everyone gets paidD) There is room for growth for everyone and no one gets left behind; E) Something that even a newbie can and will have success with and F) Something that won't break my bank account as I am not in a position to spend a lot of money. That's a pretty high order if you ask me and I thought I would never find it. Especially since I thought I had found it with many different business opportunities/companies in the past. Unfortunately all of the others were lacking something; they were lacking the ability to really help others, they (the founders) would say that their goal was to help everyone succeed but in reality unless you paid thousands of dollars to start out on the top or you were positioned one way or another for success it was quite a struggle. Such a struggle that I couldn't keep my teams because either they were making nothing and I was or we were all failing and our up-line was making the money. I am not a quitter though so I kept at it.

Robert Hollis Sr. has designed a mentor-ship program that is FREE for everyone. There is never a need to take out your credit card because it is designed to make you money and then you turn around and use the earnings to upgrade. There has never been a system so simple to use that you not only can make an income with but that also is 100% FREE.

Robert Hollis Sr was an average guy, he got hurt and was told he could never be a mechanic again so he turned to his mentor and made $10,000.00 his first month. He used the system he is giving away to make over $43 million dollars and then turned around and personally helped 45 other people make their 1st million dollars online in a year. Now Robert says he is "An average guy with more money." 

With the PRO level mentoring Robert has made me laugh and also has made me face my demons and brought me to my knees in tears, he made me realize that I need to work on me. I have never met a more loyal, honest and genuine man in my life and he wants nothing more than to help other people. He says that "Money doesnt make you happy but neither does poverty." He couldn't be more right.

If you have any of the following needs then you should definitely grab this free training system.
A- If you need to build your current business and want to gain a loyal customer base through relationship building 
B- Learn about and be given the tools to get leads and also learn how to get internet presence
C- If you need a business or a second business doing something you can feel great about that does not cost a cent to start so the people that you see that would benefit but can't afford your other business can make money with this.

Many people use the training to grow their current business. They use the training to learn and then give away the training to get leads. 

There are 3 different membership levels so no matter what your financial situation is you can utilize this system

Membership level 1- FREE Member, you get over 200 hours of FREE training and a free unlimited leads capture system set up to connect you with people through their FB on top of their email, you make between $5-$60 per paid sign up 
Membership level 2- SIM (success in minutes) At this level you get all of the FREE membership PLUS you get a customizable done for you blog that you can leave as is or update as often as you want. This cost $14.95 a month you make between $5-$60 per paid sign up 
Membership level 3- PRO You get everything in the FREE and the SIM memberships PLUS you get Unlimited customizable blogs, an additional 50+ hours of top secret mentoring training videos, one on one mentoring, live interviews with Robert Hollis Sr. and his son Robert Hollis Jr to do what ever you want with. At this level you make 51% commissions on every sign up plus a 100% match bonus on every 3rd highest producer on your team.

For a complete understanding of the compensation plan go to Compensation Plan for Unlimited Profits
This is the first system where you can make an income without investing anything except your time :)

In December of 2014 I was approached (on Facebook) by someone I hadn't really spoke to much but whom apparently saw how hard I worked and knew, even if I didn't; that what he was doing would be perfect for me. His name is Michael Cooper! It is no secret that my overall goal in life is to help as many people as I can, helping them helps me and that may sound selfish but it isn't; at least not when I say it. I was hesitant at first and when he asked me to look at the Online Wealth Network A.K.A One Ten Method; I really didn't pay much attention the first time and just said I didn't have the money because it was too close to Christmas. A few days went by and I received another message from the man who is now my sponsor (more of a partner though) and I almost didn't open it. Something told me to open the message, although that something was probably the short 8 (eight) word sentence I could see before opening it- "I have a gift for you. Happy Holidays!"

I'll be honest though, I thought I would open it and it would have been just a marketing tactic; and maybe to an extent it was but upon opening it I saw that he wanted my PayPal email address so he could send me $42.00! Now I could have taken that money an ran with it, done something else entirely; especially since it was Christmas time, but I didn't. I held on to the money until I had another $5 to add to it so I could take the step to genuinely change my life. Besides if he believed in me without truly knowing me, enough to pay my one time $7 fee to be on his team and to pay for my first month in the Bronze level business opportunity then I needed to believe in myself, right?

I have to say 2 (two) things; 1-I am so glad that he did that because I am not a quitter but I was actually looking for a J.O.B and had even put in a few applications and was trying to find childcare for my youngest child because; and this is sad to say; but I was ready to quit!. and the other thing I have to say is I am so grateful that he believed in me, in a total stranger. Because of him I had finally found something that had exactly all of the criteria I was looking for! Now I can work towards my dreams while helping others do the same. I have hope again.

The Online Wealth Network (OWN)/One Ten Method is a massive team build. There has never been a team build like this in the history of network marketing. I know that sounds sketchy, because we are taught that things like this are scams but OWN is not like anything I have ever come across online before. They took their time to actually set up a system that works! How is it different than the matrix scams out there you are probably asking yourself right now, right? Well first off we only pay the founders ONCE and it cost's less than a pack of cigarettes to join the team; $7.00 One-Time!! There is never another cent paid to the system! We aren't paying more and more money to upgrade to the next level with no product like most matrix do. We pay the $7 to be on the team and once your inside the team you are presented with a back office that is yours for life. In the back office you follow 3 (three) simple steps. One of the steps is joining a company as a customer AND an affiliate of another company. We use the product every single day and we promote it. There are now currently 11 different business opportunities for us to join. In order to receive commissions we have to join a business. Essentially OWN is just a house that holds legitimate businesses that we can join as we follow the blue print. Every 60 days a new business opportunity opens up for us to rank up and as our teams grow they follow us through the system. On the first level we make $25 per person that joins the business opportunity and the company we join PAYS us NOT OWN.

The men that founded this system knew what it was like to watch their teams fail and they hated it, it made them feel genuinely awful. They also know the importance of building multiple income streams and that most people like me are out there trying to do just that with no guidance, no mentor and even though we may be doing the right things we are still missing a key aspect to making it work. That key is a team; a team where everyone is earning money; and a solid blueprint and all of the tools necessary to create success. You may be like a few of the people I have talk to and be thinking "What happens to the $7 I pay?"Well I can tell you that IF they we keeping it they sure wouldn't be getting rich lol; but they don't. You will see paid ads on Facebook and other places on the internet and that is where the $7 goes. This helps our teams to grow. Not their teams,..if you didn't catch that I said OUR TEAMS!

Part of the system is taking the members who join through a paid ad placed by the founders and giving them randomly to existing team members, this is called system referrals. The founders are going through the system with us, they are not 10 steps ahead of us; but rather right beside us. On top of the system referrals it is also designed in a way that creates spillover from our up-lines and pass-ups from our down-lines this is key to growing ALL of the individual teams within the whole team. Like I said the companies pay us and all of their compensation plans differ and that is not something that is controlled by the One Ten system. All we focus on is growing our teams by introducing them to a system that may or may not be something that interests them. Once people see how it works and realize that this isn't what they may initially think it is; they sign up. It may take them a couple times of viewing the video's and examining the system, watching people succeed but eventually most will actually 'get it' and take the final step to change their lives. There is no reason for anyone to join anything else once they join OWN but even if they do or are already part of another business the tools we use can be used to help them grow that business too.

We as a team just went and totally dominated a new opportunity called the 5DF *Five Dollar Funnel* and we crashed their servers 2 times because 600 of us signed up at once, thats only 600 of over 2000+ current members and more are joining everyday. Since then we have partnered with 5DF and this makes it easier for people to join us that have a limited income. They receive a FREE funnel that converts like crazy and it only costs them $12 to join both the 5DF team and the 1-10 team and if they join the 5DF team using the netspend option they get all the money back PLUS some, so they have nothing to lose. This new funnel and system is called One Ten 5DF and can be accessed via this link I highly recommend that you look into it! The tools and training itself are well worth it and you DO NOT have to join both teams! 

I tell people that as long as they follow the 3 steps, grow their teams and upgrade every 60 days there is no way they can fail and not make money! Also the money you earn is residual, meaning you are paid monthly for each member of your team and for each business your/they are in. (I upgrade to the Copper Rank in only 4 days! I am so Excited!! :)

If this sounds like something that you could see yourself succeeding with, or if you are even a little bit interested then I would love for you to watch a video put together by a fellow OWN team member. This member has had huge success since joining and remember he started out where we all start out so he had/has no advantage over anyone else on the team. Dedication and desire, staying focused on his team and pushing forward is what gave him the success he is having and we can ALL do the same.

Watch this detailed video (I mentioned above) Lewis Syring's Complete Review Of OWN-includes comp plan and exactly what you need to succeed

I am personally looking for individuals who are tired of playing the online game of 'which company is best' people who are truly ready to "WIN" and make some REAL money!I am looking for people who have never made money online, maybe they have never even tried to work online. I am interested in people who have been online for years. Basically I am looking for anyone who wants to change their lives and help change the lives of others.

After you watch the video above if your ready to start just go to My Happy Place At OWN and SIGN UP!!!!

A little history on me & my online adventure as I like to call it:
I was an Independent Representative with North American Power; an energy company that helped people save on their energy and natural gas bills or get their bills FREE up to $400! I loved being able to help others with this business because so many people struggle with their lights and fuel, especially in Vermont. Unfortunately they had some changes within their business. I think this is because they have grown large enough that they are at a point that they don't need the help, this is only my opinion of course.

A couple winters ago I  joined Instant Rewards as an Online Referral Agent. I made $1500.00 in the 2 (two) weeks prior to Christmas that year and because of IRN my kids actually had presents under the tree. IRN itself is free to join and to become qualified you must sign up for and complete some trial offers, some of which are free but most only cost a couple dollars. IRN is partnered with companies like Walmart, Disney, Netflix, Gamefly and other Fortune 500 companies. The companies (not IRN, they are a system only; like a middle man) pay very well; starting at $20 to $130 (some times even more) per qualified referral. A qualified referral is a customer who completes an offer or offers that equals 1 (one) credit thus putting them into a position to earn money themselves. The over-all cost for me was $22.50 and varied depending upon which offers you complete. This is the only investment and is a ONE-TIME cost. This is easy to do and all you do is place ads and walk people through the sign up and completion of offers. Many people claim this is a scam, but I will tell you it is not! As I said I made $1500 in two weeks before Christmas and was paid daily if I chose to be, most people call it a scam because either they are not given the proper information or they forget to cancel their trial offers. Once you are qualified you are set up with them for life so if you need quick easy money I suggest looking into this. For instance if you want to do a business but you lack the funds you can do IRN and not cash out to your Paypal until you have the money to pay for your new business. I highly recommend telling your prospects the truth and walking then through everything. Keep this in mind though, some people will tell you that you can turn this into a full time permanent business and although some people may have made a lot of money eventually you run our of new customers and when this happens you will stop making money and need to look elsewhere. The money is NOT residual, you only get PAID once per customer per level they complete (as long as you did that level also) so I HIGHLY recommend if you utilize IRN that while your doing so you are looking for something permanent. This is why I suggested using the money made with them as money to join a real business. (Info below.)

I am a writer at heart. This is one of my true passions in life besides helping others! I started writing as a child to express my feelings through poetry, although most of it was sad it helped me immensely. I have wrote for a few people online and through Elance as a freelancer. I still write for money if someone requests my services but my main focus right now is OWN. I write about anything for anyone,..literally. If you have an idea about an e-book, article or blog post but you can't write or just don't want to then I am your gal. All you need to provide me with is a topic, or story line and anything that is a must have in the piece, I do the research and write the entire piece. I also edit already written pieces, such as a blog post or article you want submitted but the spelling and grammar needs repair. My rates are very reasonable and all of my work is 100% original and would pass copy-scape or any other program you want to run it through. I guarantee your satisfaction and I am complete professional. I accept payment to my Paypal via credit card, debit card or Paypal to Paypal. Any jobs under $250 are paid upfront, anything over $250 I take a minimum of $250 down or 50% which ever is higher. I also write contracts if need be and supply invoices through my Paypal business account.

I know I have given you a lot of information and I did so because I would hate to see anyone go through what I have gone through, lose the money I have lost and get to a point like I have a couple of times where I feel like giving up. No matter how bad it may get if this is your dream than giving up is not an option. I have to stay home due to a child with issues that make it difficult to work outside the home and because of this I have not been allowed to give up,..nor do I want to honestly. There will be times when your husband, wife, family and friends do nothing except try to discourage you but you can not let them, you cannot allow them to win!

You need to push through, be persistent,..persevere and in the end you will win! I have not won completely YET, but I am learning things everyday. If I had had a mentor when I started this 4 years ago I would be where I want to be financially but I had no one so I have taught myself everything I know and I will keep pushing forward until the day that I can say "I DID IT!! I WON!!"

If you are looking for someone to help you through everything, a friend, someone to point you in the right direction, someone who will be honest and as helpful as can be then contact me.

I will do what I can to help you on your journey, and/or we can enjoy OUR journey together!!

Other than all of the above; I am a caring individual that wants nothing more than to see all of those suffering in this world get what they need to have a better life, I want to see all of the sadness and poverty come to an end. To me this means more than just ending homelessness, I also want to help those that are starving, see and end to all of the wars and and enjoy a cleaner brighter future for everyone. We all deserve the very best and I promise to myself and others to do my very best to help people get what they deserve.

I have dreams and I will achieve those dreams while helping others to achieve theirs; someday very soon! I believe that no matter how old I am or how old you are you're never too old to dream and definitely NEVER too old to achieve your dreams!

If you want to reach out to me and chat or discuss one of the businesses I mentioned above then please feel free to email me at or call my business number at (234) 200-6056 (Please leave a message since I screen my calls)

P.S. If you want to follow your dreams, to achieve success and money is an issue,..never hesitate,..I have several ideas for solution for you.

No need to be too ashamed to call me or email me to get the information.

P.P.S I also came across an amazing tool to help me automate my posting in Facebook groups so I have more time to focus on people and on my team. I highly recommend that no matter where you are at in your journey online that you at the very least take a look at this tool. It is unlike any other Facebook poster I have purchased in the past. It is called the FB Groups Poster and was designed by an internet marketer named Sean Walters! Click Here >>> FB Groups Poster

May you succeed in all you do and achieve all the dreams you have!!!

Bragging rights
Survived High School, Have three kids, lived through an awful accident that the doctors didn't think i'd make it through, survived PTSD, Survivor of abuse, Emotionally battered and taught myself how to come out on top of all the negativity in the world
Freelance Writer, Mother, Friend, Affiliate, Team Builder & So Much More!
Compassionate, Affiliate marketer, Leadership, Writer; Content writer, Blog Writer, Ads, Team Player, Computer skills, Childcare, Giving Advice, Hard-worker

  • Mother
    Mom, 1998 - present
    I am a mother of 3 amazing children. They are my life! They are my WHY!!
  • Online Wealth Network/One Ten Method
    Team Member, 2015 - present
    Join the largest team build in the online industry and Get Ready For 10 Times The Income With 1 (one) Focus, Follow the 3 (three) Steps & Fail No More!! $7 to join the team and $39.95 a month! 18 month blueprint that teaches us how to build 11 different streams of income while we learn. People who have never seen results or never done anything online are getting results within their 1st week or less by following the steps and training! For more details or to sign up go to the website at and go through the 2 videos then sign up on the last page. If you have any questions before signing up please email me at or connect with me on Facebook at I look forward to working with you soon!!
  • JP Freelance Writing Services
    Writer/Editor, 2010 - present
    If you need an e-book, article, story, blog post or ad written I am your gal! You can contact me via Phone at (234)200-6056; email me at; or on Facebook @
  • Instant Rewards Network
    Online Referral Agent, 2013 - present
    I am looking for hardworking, dedicated individuals who are ready to make an honest living in the marketing industry!! Join my team. Call me @ (234)200-6056; email me at or Skype at margojohnson78 or Facebook! You can also find all of the details and sign up at

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