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Women's tours
Women's tours

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Women's tours combine positive thinking, visualization and treatments with nature walks and visit inspiring places.
Small villages in Tuscany, Spain or Greece ancient cities, hot springs, fascinating museums, nature reserves, good restaurants, botanical gardens, visiting wineries and vineyards trips between modes.
What makes these trips and why women choose this trip?
When we travel alone with a spouse or friend Sometimes we name abroad but not really there, we are with our heads at the difficulties, problems in programs. Sometimes trip we run after the place to see another site and make it all it takes. And evening times for us to leave, but There's nowhere, especially if we nonmetropolitan areas.
Women walk only with the moment we are, with what is happening in it and just a wonderful moment, it releases, it's soothing, it changes perception. We breathe deeply every morning, give thanks for the beauty and goodness that fill the heart with love and openness. During the day we walk balanced and beautiful places of interest and in the evening there is always a meeting, planned or not, usually deeper than normal conversation, interesting people to be with them, dancing in local restaurants or group meeting itself.
First time I understood the meaning of this workshop was to tour Italy, in Tuscany in 2001 when I was a small cafe in the town Fiianzh, surrounded by beauty and soft light and joy fills my heart, love for people, life and led me on, no need to move, and this is just a cappuccino. The value of meeting "coffee" was found in his eyes ...
One workshop in Umbria on a round hill in the heart of National Park, one of the participants took a bottle of wine glasses and surprise that brought both beauty and life of the place, with cows and green.
Swiss group of women decided to organize a free evening dance. Bottles of wine ordered from the hotel and meditation room, which overlooks the Eiger bleach dance hall became loose ... Cyprus local people wanted to join us for meditation and even invited us to a local wedding trips .... have the freedom to be women, to take part and find privacy.
Trips of the past, women have no occupation or distress, it's time to get to the quiet, beauty, joy and folly that exist in each.
This release time to be with the body and mind, laugh, relax and go dance.
mazi kohen

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