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5/22/2011  We Are In Charge Of Our Attitude
5/16/2011  Learn To Accept Compliments
5/16/2011  Control Yourself
4/18/2011  Work For Yourself
4/14/2011  Dreams
4/14/2011  Future
4/13/2011  Time Management
4/13/2011  Think Outside The Box
4/8/2011  I Know I Have Been Change
4/4/2011  Obstacles
4/3/2011  Blessed
4/3/2011  Success
4/2/2011  Life
4/2/2011  Be The Best That You Can Be
3/29/2011  Believe in Yourself
3/29/2011  Just Do It
3/24/2011  Dream it, Believe it
3/24/2011  WHAT DO YOU WANT
3/19/2011  What You Need VS. What You Want
3/19/2011  What Do You Want Out Of Life
3/17/2011  When You Fall Pick Yourself Up
3/17/2011  Don't Quit
3/10/2011  All Natural Supplement
3/6/2011  Is It A Wish Or A Goal?
3/6/2011  To Be Free
3/5/2011  Don't Make Excuses
3/5/2011  Work From Home
3/3/2011  Make A Schedule And Stick To It!!!
3/3/2011  Take Charge
3/2/2011  What I Do When I Fall Down
3/2/2011  Believe In You
3/1/2011  My Pan to Reach My Goals This Year
3/1/2011  Who Is In Charge Of You?
2/28/2011  Fresh Start, Taking Baby Steps
2/28/2011  Make a New To-Do List
2/27/2011  Make The Choice And Reach Your Goals
2/27/2011  Listen, Learn, Repeat And Share
2/26/2011  Step Out Of The Box
2/26/2011  Listen and Listen and Listen
2/25/2011  Are You What You Do?
2/25/2011  What Are Your Priorities
2/24/2011  Life
2/24/2011  Life
2/23/2011  Listen Fully Totally And Completely
2/23/2011  My Life As It Was And Is
2/22/2011  Feel The Glow
2/22/2011  What Are YouYou Repeatedly Doing?
2/21/2011  What is Your Plan B, Check Out The New Zurvita What Do You Have T
2/21/2011  Believe In You, And what You Do !!
2/20/2011  What Do You Think About All Day?
2/20/2011  The Word Is : Consistency
2/19/2011  Conquering Your Fears By Action
2/19/2011  Don't Put Your Life On Hold
2/18/2011  Your Zone...Step Out Of It
2/18/2011  You Are In Charge of YOU!
2/16/2011  Getting Back On Track - The Time Is Now
2/16/2011  Stay Motivated...Success Is Yours
2/14/2011  From Intention To Action
2/14/2011  Know Where You Want To Go
2/13/2011  Practice, Practice, & Practice And Reach All Of Your Goals
2/13/2011  Believe In Yourself
2/12/2011  Spring Into Action
2/9/2011  You Are Worth It
2/8/2011  This is My Time
2/8/2011  Let Your Life Soar
2/7/2011  Eat Your Vegetables-quote by your Mother!
2/7/2011  Success Quote!!
2/7/2011  Freedom
2/6/2011  Go For it. Say to yourself: If it is to be it is up to Me!!
2/4/2011  Why Not Be In Business For Yourself