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Environmental statement

The House Republicans are using language to describe Environmental Protection Agency proposals aimed at cutting coal-fired power plant emissions that they say are burdening businesses at the worst possible time. Those arguments, however, have been met with equal force from the opposing side that maintains all the hysteria is funded by the world’s worst polluters. “The Environmental Protection Agency and the nation's landmark environmental safeguards were created with overwhelming bipartisan consensus in Congress and support from Republican and Democratic presidents,” says a report issued by the Democrats on the U.S. Senate Committee on the Environment. “Forty years of achievements are now threatened by partisan attacks.” The document tries to give an historical account of how environmental regulations have enjoyed broad political support. It notes that the Office of Management and Budget, which reviewed 10 major EPA rules, concludes that the benefits of those regulations have outweighed the costs by a factor of 7. Bills have passed the U.S. House Representatives that would delay or curtail proposals to reduce the levels of mercury, lead and arsenic as well as those regulated under the Clean Air Act. While the measures are asking for more time, they are also demanding that EPA first consider costs -- seemingly reasonable, although critics contend the practical effect is to ignore the science and derail the rules. EPA’s critics are also saying the agency pads its health-related risks. The House, meanwhile, is attempting to cut EPA’s funding by 18 percent. It would fall from $8.65 billion to $7.15 billion. Their points have made inroads with those in coal-producing states, not to mention the Obama administration. Already, the White House has slowed the start of new ozone rules that affect smog and most recently, the postponement of greenhouse gas rules. It has also made slight modifications to “cross-state air pollution rules” pertaining to sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide.
Divided government will result in a stalemate. The questions then become just how fast and to what degree EPA’s rules will move and the answers will depend on how next year’s national elections turn out. The American people will decide whether environmental protections are progressive tools that create jobs or whether they are ill-advised actions that destroy them

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9/26/2011  How Emex works
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9/21/2011  How fuel crumbs work
9/20/2011  Energy Market Update
9/19/2011  Fuel Crumbs
9/17/2011  Team residual update 9-17-2011
9/16/2011  retro-fit with led tecnology
9/16/2011  Market update
9/15/2011  Hybrid solar wind Led Street Lamp
9/15/2011  Results of global gas card
9/14/2011  TR1A fuelsaver increases mpg on over the road trucks
9/14/2011  Adding fuel pills to tank increases mpg and reduces smog
9/13/2011  Gov. Quinn vetoed "Smart Grid"
9/13/2011  Something New: deregulate yourself
9/11/2011  Deregulate yourself
9/10/2011  How dregualtion works
9/10/2011  metro musings 9-9-2011
9/8/2011  Market update 9/8/2011
9/6/2011  Burning coal cost to increase
9/6/2011  Market update
9/5/2011  Save on HID lighting
9/3/2011  Metro musings
9/1/2011  Market update
9/1/2011  50 TR1 fuel saver units up for grabs
8/30/2011  Update on the ComEd Bill
8/29/2011  Utility antics
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