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8/3/2014  Facebook Marketing Tips from Ted Nuyten
7/30/2014  I'm Just Saying!
7/18/2014  A Few Testimonies About Two Wonderful Products
7/13/2014  Purchase Those Credits
7/11/2014  Are You A Fisher or Hunter When It Comes To Your Business Opportu
7/9/2014  Let's Start an IBO Family Reunion!
7/2/2014  How Good of A Listener Are You?
6/25/2014  Early Morning Reflections
6/1/2014  The Answer to A Popular Question
5/28/2014  How Are You Utilizing Your Press Release App?
5/4/2014  Help Support the Foster Care Coalition
3/9/2014  Ready for a Good Laugh?
3/8/2014  If You Are A Network Marketer There Is One Journal You Must Read!
3/8/2014  My Site 4 U
3/1/2014  Dusting Off
3/1/2014  I Want to Do More
2/22/2014  Let's Talk
2/22/2014  Is Volunteering Worth Your Time?
2/13/2014  My Valentine to You
2/13/2014  Are You Utilizing All Your Business Resources?
2/12/2014  I'm Busy Planning My Future
1/26/2014  What Are You Doing?
1/15/2014  I Cannot Afford to Invest in a Business Opportunity
1/12/2014  Can Drinking Coffee Help Me Lose Weight?
1/12/2014  Am I An Idle Person?
1/8/2014  Networking Etiquette
1/6/2014  Let's Get Back to Doing Things The "Old School" Way
12/29/2013  My Reflections of 2013
8/22/2013  Your Opinion Counts!!!!!
5/10/2013  You've Got To Try This!
4/29/2013  Why Skip Meals When You Can Have A NatraLean?
4/24/2013  Allergy Season Got You Down?
4/24/2013  10 Reasons Why Day 1 Is Right For You
11/25/2012  Rules for Business SUCCESS
11/10/2012  Giving Customers Branded Items
11/10/2012  Sweat Equity
8/22/2012  What Are Your Reasons?
8/22/2012  Side Effects of NatraBurst
8/13/2012  NatraBurst: Rebuilds and Repairs?
8/3/2012  Are You A Persuasive Person?
8/3/2012  Sticky Note Campaign?
7/26/2012  What Do I Owe You?
7/21/2012  Are YOU Doing Enough For YOUR Community
7/11/2012  Feeling Like YOU Are Pressured In Your Business Opportunity?
7/5/2012  Am I Taking The Childhood From My Child?
7/3/2012  Simple Things You Can Do To Pitch Your Business
6/27/2012  Are You An Energy Drink Fanatic?
6/10/2012  Getting Back Into The Swing of Things
5/15/2012  Volunteering
8/21/2011  Mind Assets
7/25/2011  Are You Providing Good Customer Service?
7/22/2011  Who Did You Help This Week?
4/19/2011  What to do in Raleigh?