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The H's of Nutrition and Herbs
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Check out some H's of herbs:


his herb is very good when treating either high or low blood pressure by strengthening the action of the heart. Helps many blood pressure problems. The tea is good for nervous tension and sleeplessness Heart Disease: Hawthorn may help the heart in several ways. It may open (dilate) the coronary arteries, improving the heart's blood supply. It may increase the heart's pumping force. It may eliminate some types of heart-rhythm disturbances (arrhythmias). It may help limit the amount of cholesterol deposited on artery walls.

Honeysuckle Flowers

Honeysuckle flowers are anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, anti-microbial. This herb has broad-spectrum antibiotic properties and can be used for all infections and inflammations. It is especially effective when the infection is in the respiratory tract; but is also effective for some gastrointestinal tract inflammations. It is useful for fevers, the common cold, sore throat, and influenza.

Horse Chestnut

Horse chestnut may be useful against edema, inflammation, and venous insufficiency, especially with circulation in the legs.


The dried berries and leaves of bilberry have been recommended for a wide variety of conditions, including scurvy, urinary tract infections, and kidney stones. Perhaps the most sound historical application is the use of the dried berries for the treatment of diarrhea. Modern research of bilberry was partly based on its use by British World War II pilots, who noticed that their night vision improved when they ate bilberry jam prior to night bombing raids.

Traditionally, both the leaves and berries of this shrub has been used as an astringent. A decoction of the berries was employed for fevers. The juice of the berries was used as a gargle and mouthwash for catarrh.

Extracts of bilberry have antiviral in cell culture for herpes simplex virus II, influenza, and vaccinia viruses. Kills or inhibits the growth of funguses, yeasts, and bacteria. It also kills protozoans such as Trichomonas vaginalis. Bilberry is an anti-inflammatory herb. Anthocyanins in the herb act to prevent capillary fragility and inhibit platelet aggregation. Also has potential for the prevention of thrombosis and may reverse attacks of angina from results of animal studies. Was found to prevent atherosclerosis in cholesterol loaded animals.

Further, bilberry is an antihistamine; it improves vision and has potential for the treatment of pigmentary retinitis.


hyssop is an anti-spasmodic, expectorant, diaphoretic, nervine, anti-inflammatory, carminative, hepatic, emmenagogue.

Hyssop's herbal uses are largely attributable to the anti-spasmodic action of the volatile oil. It is used in coughs, bronchitis and chronic catarrh. Its diaphoretic properties makes it useful for its use in the common cold. As a nervine, it may be used in anxiety states, hysteria and petit mal (a form of epilepsy).

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Debra Reed   1444 day(s) ago
Great blog and information Cee Cee! I use to suck on the Honeysuckle Flower every day growing up, they were so sweet! Everything you touched on, I love:) will be sharing this and checking out your site! ~Debra Reed
TIM Villard DSDOMINATION   1444 day(s) ago
Thanks for the information sharing this one!

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